Webinars Disclosure.

Disclaimer for information in the webinar(s) a visitor visits in this website

This short disclaimer applies to this Webinar page for safetychecksguide.com and any documents, information or opinions obtained from or ancillary to this Webinar Page (“Webinar”). You are advised to read there disclaimer carefully before accessing, participating in, reading any document or information made available in there context, or making any other use of their Webinar.
Safetychecksguide.com makes no representations or warranties about the accuracy or suitability of any information provided in the Webinars you attend and related materials (such as hand-outs, presentation documents and recordings). The information contained in those Webinars and related materials are not intended to constitute advice of any kind or the rendering of consulting, or other professional services of any kind from safetychecksguide.com. Registering for a Webinar only constitutes an agreement to attend the Webinar, and not a contract for consultancy or advice. Registration does not establish any contractual relationship with safetychecksguide.com.


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