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Top 6 Safety Goggles for Night Travel in 2019.

 Today, more drivers are using the roads than at any other time before. Drivers on the roads are all not the same, as some may have been traveling for many hours since they woke up.

Others may have crisscrossed the country, while the weather conditions may not be similar in different areas.

Safety Goggles for Night Travel

If planning to drive after the sun has gone down, you need to keep in mind that night driving often poses more challenges compared to daytime driving.

Road accident statistics show that death rates associated with nighttime driving are 3 times higher than those of daytime driving. Despite this high death rates, many drivers do not seem to be aware of the numerous hazards associated with nighttime driving.

Vision tends to be very limited at night. As a driver, you lose the advantage of contrast and colors that are normally present during daytime hours. Additionally, your peripheral vision and perception also become highly diminished.

It is recommended that you get yourself a pair of cheap night vision goggles to enhance your driving ability and night vision after the sun has gone down. The following is a review of the best safety goggles for night travel that you should try out.

Buying Guide

Good night vision goggles should be polarized. Polarized lenses will assist in reducing the glare coming from the headlights of an oncoming vehicle.

You can also wear them during the day to reduce the suns’ reflection on the road when driving on a sunny day. Apart from driving, you can also use the glasses when boating or surfing.

When buying the night vision goggles, you need to remember that the purpose of buying them is to protect your eyes and not to look cool. As such, there are a number of factors that you will need to consider:

  • If you spend most of your time on the road or around water surfaces, then you should consider the polarized lenses.
  • Consider the color of your preferred lenses. Driving at night requires you to have lenses that will filter out the blue light without affecting your view of the road.
  • When choosing the style, go for something that will wrap around your face. Such glasses will be vital in protecting your eyes from various light angles.

Features to Look for in Night Vision Goggles

 Lens Type

 Always consider the type of lens present in the night time goggles. Lens come in various types that include polycarbonate, glass, and plastic.

If you normally leave your glasses lying around in the house or in the car, opt for those that are scratch resistant.

If you intend to use the glasses for motorsports, choose the ones that have a hard plastic resin lens. This tends to be shatter resistant.

Quality Level

 Always go for the highest quality possible. Keep in mind that you will be using the glasses to keep things from getting into your eyes.

Low-quality night goggles may distort your images or face to provide the protection you need when facing oncoming traffic.

Our Top Pick: Aubig Men Polarized Light Night Vision Glasses

 Our top pick for the best safety goggles for night travel is the Aubig Men Polarized Light Night Vision Glasses. This particular pair of Amazon night vision goggles is specifically designed for use by men.

Apart from the glasses, you are also provided with a bag and a case that is meant to help you protect the glasses from being scratched. The polarized nature of the glasses means that you can wear them at any time of day or night.

Aubig Men Polarized Light Night Vision Glasses Mirror for Driving with Case + Bag Review

 The Aubig Men Polarized Light Night Vision Glasses are our top pick for the best night vision goggles for a very good reason. They are particularly ideal for nighttime driving along busy roads.

They reduce the glare coming from the headlights of oncoming cars thereby making sure that you will not find yourself dealing with eye fatigue.

Aubig Men Polarized Light Night Vision Glasses

They also help you see the road ahead much more clearly.


 They provide excellent UV protection

  • Reduces eye strain and headaches
  • Contain scratch coating on their lenses
  • AR coating on the yellow lens which assist in brightening the night as well as reducing glare from oncoming traffic.


 They are only designed for use by men

HD Night Vision Driving glasses

 There are times when it is very hard to find night driving goggles that are not gender biased. But this is not the case with the HD Night visio glasses.

The glasses have a stylish design, fit fabulously, and come with many fantastic features.

The glasses come with a yellow coating whose sole purpose is to filter the blue light associated with nighttime glare.

HD Night has designed the pack to comprise of a composite lens and a metal frame. The lens has been polarized to provide great protection for UV400.

HD Night Vision Driving glasses

Its metallic frame is not only stylish, but it also provides the glasses with a sturdy look. It is able to provide protection for prolonged durations, thereby guaranteeing that you will be safe at all times.

Apart from driving, you can also wear the glasses when fishing, climbing or golfing. The dimensions are a 65mm lens, 12mm, bridge, 39mm lens height, and 135mm arm. The package comes with a maintenance cloth, a case, and sunglasses.


  • Sturdy and durable design
  • Provides quality protection
  • Comfortable nose pads
  • Versatile utilization


 They come with a strong chemical odor

Men’s Polarized HD Night Vision Glasses Soxick

 The Knight Visor Polarized Professional HD Night Vision Glasses come with 100% polarized yellow lenses. The lenses assist in eliminating the glare from headlights of oncoming vehicles, reflective surfaces, as well as pavements along your way. The light is often filtered from different angles.

Its lenses are special in that they make objects and colors to appear much clearer, enabling you to see each and every detail available on the road ahead of you.

It also comes with a stylish design which makes the glasses a favorite for many motorcycle riders, sports athletes, as well as drivers. Its frame is light as it only weighs 13g, and has been designed to provide you with maximum comfort.

Men's Polarized HD Night Vision Glasses Soxick

The glasses feature a semi-rimless frame that is meant to provide you with an unobstructed downward view. It also provides protection for UV400.


  • Comes with a unique design that helps eliminate the headlight glare problem that may be posed by oncoming traffic
  • Can be used for various purposes
  • They not only provide protection from lights but from other reflective surfaces as well


  • They reduce the glare marginally

Duco Night-vision Glasses Anti-Glare Driving Eyewear Polarized Glasses 6806

 Many people in today’s society are intrigued with fashion, and will not wear something that they do not deem fashionable.

Duco night-vision glasses come with polarized lenses, which not only help you reduce eye fatigue and eliminate glare, but also enable you to look stylish. Additionally, the glasses tend to be scratch and impact resistant.

Duco Night-vision Glasses Anti-Glare Driving Eyewear Polarized Glasses 6806.

These glasses are durable and are very light in nature. Many customers are impressed by its design, which is considered prime for use by outdoor enthusiasts, cyclists, drivers, and even motorists. It comes with a lens that has a height of 40mm, temple length of 135mm, and width of 64mm.


  • Light
  • Outstanding level of protection
  • Durable and unique design
  • Multipurpose use


  • No meaningful reduction of the glare coming from street lights or headlights

NPI Nv-1000 Yellow Polycarbonate Night View Aviator Style Glare Reduction Glasses

The polycarbonate good night vision goggles are meant for use in the hours between dusk and dawn. They can also be used under all atmospheric and weather conditions that may impact a person’s driving ability. Polycarbonate technology was developed in the early 70’s.

NPI Nv-1000 Yellow Polycarbonate Night View Aviator Style Glare Reduction Glasses.

It was initially meant for use in aerospace applications but is now used in space shuttle windshields and in the helmet visors worn by astronauts.

Polycarbonate eyeglass lenses were initially introduced in the 80’s as a way of satisfying the demand for impact-resistant lenses. Since inception, they have now become a standard for children’s eyewear, sports goggles, and safety glasses.

The stylish aviator frame is there to ensure that you remain safe even when driving at night.


  • Stylish aviator frames
  • Lightweight
  • Yellow coating effectively blocks blue light associated with night-time glare
  • Impact resistant
  • Comfortable
  • Provides 100 percent protection from UV light


  • They do not work very well for LED lights

HD Night Vision Wrap Around Glasses

 Are you looking for the best safety goggles for night vision? Then the HD Night Vision Wraparounds Wrap Around Glasses might be what you have been looking for.

These glasses come with a very simple design. The best part is that they are well-priced making them affordable to many motorists.

HD Night Vision Wrap Around Glasses


  • The glasses have a ward around them that makes it possible for you to make good use of them in any situation that you desire.
  • They are also very good at reducing nighttime glare that is common with oncoming traffic when driving along busy roads.
  • With these glasses, you will no longer have to worry about itchy eyes or eye strain when driving at night.
  • The glasses also come with a storage bag that will allow you to keep them safe from damage.


  • They do not eliminate the glare completely

Final Thoughts

The best safety goggles enhance nighttime view by up to 25 feet. Given their growing popularity, companies have started designing high-quality goggles that are also very light.

Be sure to choose goggles that will fit perfectly in your face. There are many varieties available for both men and women, and you should therefore not have a problem finding one that will be ideal for you.


  • Hello Martin;
    Do they also work as good on rainy nights, when the glare is pretty bad? The HD night vision glasses seam to be the best. Wishing you all the best.


    • Hi Bill,

      The one I have done review are called “HD Night Driving Glasses Polarized Anti-glare Rain Day Night Vision Sunglasses’ but I did not place the whole title when I was writing the review but they are compliant on that feature you suggested. Thank you


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