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The 5 Best Step Ladders Commonly Used.

common ladders used

Whether you are changing a light bulb, or painting walls, or installing shelves, a step ladder is a handy tool both for professional trades’ persons and home DIY enthusiasts.

These tools provide better alternatives to constructing a work platform or standing on a chair. Since they have standing platforms and can stand firmly on their legs, they are considerably safer for prolonged tasks compared to lean-to ladders.

Even with all their uses, step ladders can pose some serious injuries, if not chosen correctly. According to the American Ladder Institute, most ladder injuries are always as a result of poor ladder safety guidelines, improper selection and misuse; though poor design and construction may also add significantly to these injuries.

How to Choose the Best Step Ladders

When choosing the best ladder for home or workplace, the first thing is to determine what type of ladder you need, depending on the tasks you do mostly.

For instance, you will need a taller ladder if you intend to be cleaning your own gutters and a shorter one for dusting a chandelier.

Other than the type of ladder, it is important to consider features that appeal to you most. Here are some of the major ones to look at:


Folding aluminum ladders have the least weight, but they conduct electricity. These ladders should never be utilized near power lines or any other voltage source; instead, go for a wooden or fiberglass ladder for such situations.

But remember, any ladder regardless of the material is a good conductor when wet.


Best ladder brands or suppliers have the minimum and maximum weights of the ladders listed. We recommend that you choose the Type IA ladders for your home use since they support the maximum weight of 300 pounds.

Remember the ladder should not only be able to carry your weight alone, but safety gear, tools, products such as paint cans, and any other thing that you’re using.

It is good to always go for a ladder that is high enough for the task—one that will enable you to reach up without getting destabilized. Remember stepping above the ladder’s designated maximum height remarkably increases the probability of an accident.

Other than trying it out before buying, you can also check the best ladders reviews to see what other users are saying about a particular ladder.

To help you choose the best step ladder, we’ve reviewed 5 of the best ones on the market. Read on to find out.

Delxo 4-Step Folding Ladder with Plastic Cushion.

The Delxo 4-Step Folding Ladder comes completely assembled. Its heavy duty construction gives it the ability to hold up to a maximum of 330 lbs of weight, which is higher compared to other regular ladders.

Whether it’s cleaning chandeliers, pruning, decorating, or changing bulbs, this ladder is a perfect tool for use in many areas of the home including the bathroom, garage, office, or kitchen.

There are 8  features that come with Delxo 4-step folding ladder:

  • Convenient handgrip, making it easy to carry and climb
  • Standing platforms measuring 10″H X 7.9″L X 12″W, and with a non-slip rubber pattern
  • 10″ between each step; they do not overlap and will definitely not hit your knee when stepping on
  • Its folding design makes it easy to store and transport
  • Non-marring legs keeps the floors scratch-free
  • Comes with GS Certificate and is TUV approved
  • Measures 36H X 36L X 16W Inches when open and 49H X 1.2L X 16W Inches when folded, with a net weight of 17.5 pounds
  • Extra wide pedals provide heel-to-toe foot support, reducing fatigue and foot pain, while increasing stability and comfort

Louisville FS1508 300-Pound Ladder

The Louisville FS1508 Ladder is one of the tallest ladders on the market, giving a strong elevation of up to 8 feet.

This heavy duty fiberglass step ladder has a 300 pound capacity and comes with some innovative features that will enhance your performance when carrying out heavy-duty construction, utility, electrical, and residential jobs

More features of the Louisville FS1508 300-Pound Ladder include:

  • OSHA and ANSI approved
  • Elegant construction and smooth finish
  • Double rivet step construction, with each step fixed with six, semi-tubular steel rivets to provide maximum strength
  • Pro top includes molded-in slots to keep tools close-by. Also includes hardware tray, paint bucket holder, magnet tray, and curved ergonomic front.
  • Strong reinforcement plates and nonconductive rails covered with polyester veils to provide years of durability
  • Strong bottom back brace offers extra strength to the bottom part of the ladder

Little Giant, 3 Step, Aluminum, 300 lb. capacity Stepladder

Made from super-strong, lightweight aluminum, the Little Giant, 3 Step, Aluminum, 300 lb. Capacity Stepladder comes with 3 wide, slip-resistant steps to give you unrivaled stability and comfort.

With its super compact construction, this ladder can be folded to a mere 5.5 inches for easy transportation and storage. What’s more, you can simply close and open it with one hand.

Other features include:

  • Up to 300 lbs. Capacity, making it robust enough to handle almost any task
  • Rugged Aircraft-grade Aluminum Construction
  • Tip and Glide wheel provide easy movement from one project to the next, reducing fatigue and damage to walls
  • 9-inch steps provide comfort and stability while handling different tasks

Werner 6208 300-Pound Capacity Stepladder

Rated at 300 pounds weight capacity, the Werner 6208 is idea for residential users, maintenance professionals as well as commercial jobsites. This ladder is made of fiberglass rails, plastic edge bracing, aluminum steps, and aluminum step braces. Like other 6200 series ladders it has a holster top with holes and a tray for carrying commonly used tools.

Other features that come with this ladder include:

  • Holster Top with Lock-in accessory feature allows safe hanging of tools or work materials, decreasing the number of times you have to go up and down the stepladder, which in turn increases productivity
  • A combination of foot pad and molded brace provides extra strength
  • Non-conductive fiberglass rails, making it safer for use around electricity compared to aluminum ladders
  • Double riveted, slip-resistant steps, for safe climbing and descending
  • Non-marring feet

DeWalt DXL3010-300-Pound fiberglass Stepladder

With a 300-pound weight capacity, the DeWalt DXL3010 heavy-duty Fiberglass Stepladder comes with many practical benefits. Its key feature- the mega step, is devised to offer 25% more standing platform on useable steps.

The handy top comes with many fresh features that are bound to improve your performance when carrying out residential construction, heavy construction, electrical, and utility jobs.

The top has a hardware tray, drill and toll slots, magnet tray, paint bucket holder, and a curved ergonomic front to increase productivity.

Other features include:

  • 6 inches in height
  • Impact-resistant bottom bracing to take in abuse from heavy contractors
  • Non-marring, boot style shoe that is also slip-resistant and extra wide, providing extra protection to the outer lower ladder rail.
  • Double rivet steps, with each step having an angle brace and secure with six bi-tubular steel rivets to provide maximum strength.

There you have it; a list of 5 of the best stepladders on the market. While there are many great models out there, these brands provide the best ladder prices coupled with excellent features to make your work easier and enjoyable.

As a rule of thumb, go for a ladder that meets your needs, bearing in mind the appropriate height and weight. Look for a ladder with lightweight but sturdy construction, with a solid slip-resistant working platform.

Also consider OSHA or ANSI compliant specifications. Always remember, expensive doesn’t necessarily mean the highest quality; put your safety first by shopping for a ladder that will work for you.


  • These are some really awesome ladders that can get the job done. What I love about these ladders is that they are well designed and so you know when you are using these ladder you have quality in your hand. Great review

    • Norman,

      Thanks for the comment safety being one of our daily priority we should be ready to have a sober mind when it come to selecting the best ladders to use. I did this review in mind that one can choose a ladder the suite them. Also these ladder are manufactured by well reputable companies..Thanks for the comment and taking time to read my post..


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