Selecting Eye Protection

                        Selecting Eye Protection

It is common knowledge to use eye protection in places where eye hazards do exist. However, in US workplacess, over a thousand people become victims of eye injuries with over 200 workers completely losing their eyesight.

In fact workers using the wrong protection have been identified to incur injuries as much as those workers who are not using any protection.

There are a couple of hazards that may cause eye injuries at work places. These hazards are categorized to identify the specific eye protection that should be used on a specified hazard.

There are impact hazards, optical radiation hazards and splash hazards that pose a threat to your eyes.

Let’s look at ways of using eye protection to avoid injuries in the three hazard categories.

Splash hazards

A splash hazard can occur from a hot or cold spatter of hazardous liquid, mist or powder. The regular kind of spectacles cannot offer eye protection from splash hazards as they only cover a small area around your eyes.

If you work in a place where splash hazards do exist be sure to ask for splash goggles from your company’s safety department.

If you are working from home, you can use Splash goggles, which are common eye protection device.

They are mostly used to protect laboratory technicians from chemical hazards.

They are capable of indirect ventilation that allows air flow without letting powder, or liquid spray to get into your eyes.

If you are buying one for yourself, be sure to get one that features an anti-fog coating that gives you a clear vision without moisture condensation.


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Optical Radiation

This is caused mostly by UV, infrared and visible radiation. Over exposure to any of these elements can lead to eye problems.

If you work in such conditions where there are optical radiations, you can go for specific filter eye protection lenses that prevent any optical radiation encounter.

The aim here is to identify the element and use the right eye protection lenses. In most cases, UV blocking spectacles will work, but if there are high levels of hazardous radiation, it might be a good idea to use goggles with filtering lenses

Since you are going to work for long hours while wearing those eye protecting goggles, choose the comfortable ones to put on.

Impact hazard

These are the most common kinds of eye hazards that can happen at home or even in work places. They include explosions, flying particles among others.

The best eye protection device to use for this kind of hazard is clear spectacles.

Whether you are going for non prescription or prescription spectacles, be sure to pick those that offer side protection. You should also pick spectacles fit you well and come with the right lens coating.

There are a variety of lenses such as chemical attack resistant and abrasion resistant lenses to mention but a few. Wearing safety goggles will give you sufficient protection from impact hazards.

With those eye protection tips above, you will be able to choose the right eye protection device for the right kind of hazard.

Remember to first perform an eye safety analysis so as to identify the kind of eye hazard that exists at your place of work. Afterwards you will be able to use the right eye protection device.

Finally, you can also use your own sound judgment to determine the best eye protection for a particular situation.



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