Safety Tips At Workplace For New Trainees

 Health and Safety Tips at Workplace for New Trainees

All employers and organizations are required to adhere to the law that requires new trainees and apprentices to be treated as regular employees when it comes to taking responsibility for their health and safety.

The first step should include a thorough inspection of the work-sites prior to the placement of the apprentices and trainees.


After the work sites are fully inspected and certified as meeting all the safety and health requirements, the new trainees should be taken through a full day induction course which should include a complete tour of the respective stations they will be operating from.

During the induction, they should be introduced to the concept of workplace safety and taken through all the workplace safety procedures and requirements.

7 Employee to be Trained in a workplace

  1. An employer of new and/or young workers;
  2. A young worker;
  3. Starting a new job;
  4. Taking on a new role or task for the same employer;
  5. Changing career,
  6. Re-entering the workforce after a break; or
  7. You are on internship

Another most important aspect when preparing trainees is assessing team capabilities and clarifying their roles and responsibilities.

Consequently, the importance of adhering to all the safety regulations and guidelines like wearing the right protective gear and seeking assistance from their supervisors on areas that they may not be familiar with should be reinforced.

After the placement of the trainees, it is the mandate of the employers and the organization, in general, to ensure maximum supervision and monitoring of the workplace at all times.

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