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Handling Lawn Mowers

Safety Measure for Handling Lawn Mowers.

If you have ever been caught between trying to use your garden lawn mower to mow the lawn and preparing a guest list for a barbecue or dinner, then you know just how lawn mower accidents happen.

The first victims are usually children. Annually, garden affordable lawn mowers cause injuries to children, adults, and even pets.

A lawn mower is an equipment that should be treated with respect and care at all times.Since it’s a cutting machine, it’s designed to not only trim grass but cut through anything that is on its way.

It is such a powerful machine that even a second-hand lawnmower with an old and blunt blade can cause damage.

So how do you stay safe on such a powerful machine? There are a couple of ways that can help you maintain a safe environment while still using your mower, let’s check them out.

A lawn mower is an equipment that should be treated with respect and care at all times

5 Tips to Take While Preparing to Mown

1. Keep it away from kids

When mowing be sure to protect your kids and in some cases your pets too.  Keep them in a safe area away from the lawn as you work. It also advisable to never let kids under 12 years handle the mower or walk behind it when it’s working.

2. Check the weather conditions

Avoid mowing when the grass is wet or during a thunderstorm. Wet grass can cause you to slip easily and lead to you injuring yourself.

3. Remove stray objects from your path

Always keep an eye out for objects that may be on the path of the mower. Such objects are usually the cause of injury or property damage. These objects discharged by the fast-moving blade can be avoided by installing a guard.

4. Read the manual carefully

Most people ignore manuals and instructions that come with most equipment.  A lawn mower is a very delicate machine that needs professional handling. It is advisable to follow the safety procedures that are illustrated in a manual to stay safe while using the mower.Be careful with the fuel tank or the electric circuit

5. Be careful with the fuel tank or the electric circuit

Filling the petrol tank while the engine is running can cause a hazard. It is important to treat the fuel with respect as petrol is highly flammable. If your lawn mower uses electricity, be sure to use a ground fault circuit interrupter that will prevent any electric shocks from happening.

During the process of mowing

1. Dress well

Do not wear sandals or be bear feet while mowing the lawn, be sure to wear sturdy shoes that are comfortable on your feet to prevent you from slipping. You should also have proper safety glasses on. Be sure to also put on close-fitting clothes and an ear protector.

2. Handling the lawn mower

Be careful not to pull the mower in reverse during the process. When approaching a slope, mow across the slopes, while moving up and down to avoid slipping.

You should turn the mower off if it discharges a random object. Take some time to inspect the mower for damage before proceeding.

After the work is done

Cool the engine

Remember to let the engine cool down after you have finished with the lawnmower. After turning off the mower, let the blade stop before cleaning the grass Cutters.

3 Worst Deaths Caused By Lawn Mowers

1. In 2010 an Australian woman was killed on a way to work when a piece of metal which hit her head from nearby tractor which was cutting grass. Police said the tractor which was pulling a grass cutter might have ran over a steel pipe that had been lying in the long grass, which was then sent flying through the air and hit the woman. One of the witnesses told the The Daily Telegraph. The woman was walking along the footpath when she was hit in the head by a piece of flying metal.

3. In June 2017 the Global News was told a 21-year-old woman while working on a lawn mower died from injuries she sustained in the small Alberta village of Dewberry. The town mayor confirmed the woman was an employee of the village and was working when the fatality occurred.

4. In October 2017 a man was killed by a lawn mower in southwest Miami-Dade. No much details were available for this accident. From the image you can see a tarp covered the body lying next to the lawn mower.

Best Lawn Mowers Trends

1. The Ambrogio L400i B Handles Large Outdoor Spaces.

The Ambrogio L400i B robotic lawn mower is an advanced piece of technology for the modern property that will offer an intuitive way to maintain it, regardless of weather or topography.

Working on areas as large as 10,000 m², the mower can work on slopes as steep as 45% and is capable of tackling any landscape thanks to all-terrain rear wheels that will even work when slick. The carbon fiber design of the mower makes it a durable solution that won’t back down from arduous jobs, while the three-blade system promises precision cutting capabilities.

The Ambrogio L400i B robotic lawn mower can be controlled via a connected smartphone and can operate for up to six hours per charge.

This WORX Cordless Lawn Mower is an Eco-Friendly Home Product.

The WORX 24V 14″ cordless lawn mower is a convenient home and garden accessory that ensures pristine results without being harmful to the environment. The product is collapsible in its design and is eco-friendly to boot, emitting zero emissions when used to trim grass.

The product is a modern garage essential thanks to its portable size, foldable frame and its removable PowerTank™ battery, a 24 V power source that allows for hassle-free lawn grooming and a 6,000 square foot distance span.

This cordless lawn mower is also equipped with a collapsible handle and exclusive mulching fins which allow for a more precise and tighter trim. Additionally, users can choose from three different cutting styles, allowing for more customization than many competing brands within the home and garden market

Why do I need to mow my Lawn Regularly?

Our lawn is the first masterpiece that people see when people visit. How we care for it reflects well on our personality since it fosters patience, determination, and love for our hobby. This is why many people are proud of showing their lawns to visitors. They entertain guests near the gardens not because they want to gloat but because to them, it is a way of showing people the magnificence and goodness of nature. It gives comfort, peace, and harmony. What better way to bond than to be in the midst of beauty?

If you ask them their secret to their lush and bountiful lawn, one of their answers is regular mowing and trimming. Many people are not thrilled about this idea. Some even keep asking if they can wait more weeks before they can mow their lawns again. Little do they know the significance of doing so. In this chapter, we will discuss why there is a need to mow the lawn regularly. It’s not just about making your garden presentable. There’s more to it than meets the eye.

Health Benefits of Mowing the compound

Some people take this routine the wrong way. Because of their mindset, they take mowing as an everyday burden. But if you angle your perspective right, you’ll see how relaxing it is to care for your lawn.  Did you know that mowing the lawn reduces stress levels significantly? Psychologists claim that mowing the lawn has its own meditative effects. Researchers have found that the constant back and forth motion of mowing drives the mind towards a calmer state, promoting a sense of well-being and awareness.

If you’re aiming to lose weight, you can use this as your regimen. Did you know that mowing the lawn contributes to 150 minutes of vigorous exercise? Fifteen to thirty minutes of this can help you reduce weight and tone your muscles. It helps burn fat and promotes better cardiovascular health. What better way to improve your lawn and body at the same time?

Mowing Maintain a Healthy Grass

According to botanists, regularly mowing your lawn, especially on the warmer months keep the grass fuller and healthier. Cutting your grass at an even length every week makes it easier for them to absorb the nutrients they need from the soil, water, and sun. Using a lawnmower will make it easier for you to trim your grass as it can cater to a wider perimeter than manual trimming. Plus, it can be adjusted to cut the grass at a height of your preference. In that way, you don’t have to worry about uneven grass blades on your lawn.

Produce More Nutritious Mulch

Scientists have proven that shorter blades of mulches carry more nutrients than longer blades. This is one of the many advantages of mowing regularly. If you let the blades grow too long, the mulches will be less nutritious for the growth of your grass.  Many people prefer gathering the mulches, drying it, and burning it. If you let it stay on the base of your grasses for a significant time, it could help the new grass shoots to grow more lush and healthy.

Mowing Reduce the Risk of Pests

Pests are dangerous to our lawn’s health. In great numbers, lawn pests cause major destruction to our lawns. The damage they bring could become irreversible especially when we take them for granted. One of the ways to fully eliminate these creatures is by treating them with pesticides. When we maintain a lawn, we cannot avoid using low-impact pest repellents to reduce the infestation of pests. However, if you want to enhance the effects of these repellents, trim your grass regularly.

Most of the lawn pests that damage our grass burrow themselves into the soil. If the grass blades are too long, chances are, the repellents will not reach the burrowed insects. But if the grasses are well-trimmed every time you administer treatment, you’ll have a greater chance to eliminate the pests you always wanted to get rid of.

Mowing Save more Money

There are people who prefer having other professionals caring for their lawns. Did you know that professional lawn care usually costs 700 to 800 dollars? Instead of hiring other people, you can just do it yourself using a reliable lawn mower. If you don’t like the noise, you can invest in electric mowers so you can enjoy a calmer way to mow your lawn. And even this is more affordable than hiring for lawn care every week. Imagine the plants and designs you can add at 700 to 800 dollars.

Caring for the lawn is one of the people’s greatest hobbies. To beautify it is like creating a masterpiece everyone can enjoy. You can only imagine the greatness of life as you bask in the goodness of nature you keenly designed and cared for. If you want to maintain a lawn as beautiful as paradise itself, be ready to treat it with patience and persistence. See, there are so many benefits of mowing the lawn, not only to the garden itself but to your physical and financial well-being. Start with mowing the lawn regularly. Use it as a stepping stone to the beautiful garden you and your family deserve.

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