Safety Measure for Handling Lawn Mowers


Safety Measure for Handling Lawn Mowers

If you have ever been caught between trying to use your garden lawn mower to mow the lawn and preparing a guest list for a barbecue or dinner, then you know just how lawn mower accidents happen.

The first victims are usually children. Annually, garden lawn mowers cause injuries to children, adults and even pets.

A lawn mower is an equipment that should be treated with respect and care at all times.Since it’s a cutting machine, it’s designed to not only trim grass but cut through anything that is on its way.

It is such a powerful machine that even a second hand lawn mower with an old and blunt blade can cause damage.

So how do you stay safe around such a powerful machine? There are a couple of ways that can help you maintain a safe environment while still using your mower, let’s check them out.

While preparing to mown

  • Keep it away from kids

When mowing be sure to protect your kids and in some cases your pets too.  Keep them in a safe area away from the lawn as you work. It also advisable to never let kids under 12 years handle the mower or walk behind it when it’s working.

  • Check the weather conditions

Avoid mowing when the grass is wet or during a thunderstorm. Wet grass can cause you to slip easily and lead to you injuring yourself.

  • Remove stray objects from your path

Always keep an eye out for objects that may be on the path of the mower. Such objects are usually the cause of injury or property damage. These objects discharged by the fast moving blade can be avoided by installing a guard.

  • Read the manual carefully

Most people ignore manuals and instructions that come with most equipment.  A lawn mower is a very delicate machine that needs professional handling. It is advisable to follow the safety procedures that are illustrated in a manual to stay safe while using the mower.

  • Be careful with the fuel tank or the electric circuit

Filling the petrol tank while the engine is running can cause a hazard. It is important to treat the fuel with respect as petrol is highly flammable. If your lawn mower uses electricity, be sure to use a ground fault circuit interrupter that will prevent any electric shocks from happening.

During the process

  • Dress well

Do not wear sandals or be bear feet while mowing the lawn, be sure to wear sturdy shoes that are comfortable on your feet to prevent you from slipping. You should also have safety glasses on. Be sure to also put on close fitting clothes and an ear protector.

  • Handling the lawn mower

Be careful not to pull the mower in reverse during the process. When approaching a slope, mow across the slopes, while moving up and down to avoid slipping.

You should turn the mower off if it discharges a random object. Take some time to inspect the mower for damage before proceeding.

After the work is done

  • Cool the engine

Remember to let the engine cool down after you have finished with the lawn mower. After turning off the mower, let the blade stop before cleaning the grass Cutters.

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