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Pressure Washer.

the best pressure washer suitable for you it is worth taking time to consider what you'll be cleaning

The Best Electric Pressure Washer Buyers Guide

To choose the best pressure washer suitable for you it is worth taking time to consider what you’ll be cleaning, how dirty it will be and how often you’ll use it. That way you can find one that has the right power rating and features for your cleaning activities that need it.

the best pressure washer suitable for you it is worth taking time to consider what you'll be cleaning
pressure washer

The principle operations of all pressure washers is  the same. The water enters the pressure machine at a very low pressure, if its  electric or petrol powered motor pumps the water comes out at a much higher pressure defined by PSI the higher the PSI the high more powerful the pressure washer is.

Choosing the Pressure washer what features should you look for?

Carrying Around

How easy is it to carry? Heavy models usually have wheels but these don’t help if you need to carry it up steps. How easy is it to move around and store.  There is nothing more frustrating than buying a washer only to find out that it is an agony to move around or worse yet, won’t even roll over a the hose without some force.



Hose length

Cord length if its electric powered

Water Flow Rate

The water flow rate is usually measured in liters per minute or hour. If matched with a high PSI, a high water flow rate will indicate very efficient cleaning and rinsing capability.

Motor or Engine Size

Check the wattage on electric models and the cubic centimeters (cc) or (hp) horsepower on petrol models. The higher figures the more powerful and heavy duty the pressure washer is.

Water Tub Connectivity

A water tub connection will allow you to purchase a friendly accessory that will connect your pressure washer to your water tub. It will mean you can use the rainwater collected in your water tub for your pressure washing, saving you money and being to the environment.

A power level that suits your needs.

For thorough cleaning, consumer-grade gas pressure washers discharge at pressure levels as high as 3,100 PSI, while commercial models can top 5,000 PSI — but more power doesn’t always mean better

Adjustable water spray.

There are ways to alter water pressure and choice: Adjustable spray nozzle or change the spray tip which comes in different color for different applications. Either method lets you adjust the pressure washer to deliver anything you want


This all depends on how much you can afford and how powerful and durable you want your pressure washer to be.

The best-known brands in pressure washers tend to be considerably high-priced, but you generally get more tough products, built with better-quality materials. Highly priced pressure washer can be considerably more of a pleasure to use than cheap pressure washers, with more power and a silent motor.

Hot Water or Cold Water

Cold pressure washer, which you see at most stores, are less complex than hot water pressure washers.  Also the cold water pressure washers are more portable.  The key with the cold water is they rely more on the pressure.  Hot water pressure washers can clean better primary because they use hot water.  They also clean faster and use less soap.

Warranty coverage.

Pressure washers don’t have very long life spans — even the best models last only several years according to reviewers. Be sure to look for pressure washer with a one-year warranty at a minimum there some which comes with three years for electrical model; gas pressure washers should also provide at least one year coverage, with extended coverage for critical parts like the motor.

There are all categories of warranties out there for these pressure washers so take time to read the warrant carefully before parting with your money.  Some claim they have the longest warranty, while the next box over states they have the longest warranty for something irrelevant. Get to known what does the warranty cover.  Does it just cover the frame or does it cover the engine pump motor or other accessories that it comes with.

Is the pressure washer Gas powered or Electric powered

Electric and gas pressure washers pressurize water differently. The biggest different is the speed and strength.

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16 Tips Pressure Washing Machine Safety You Cannot Ignore:

For safer use of a pressure washer safety, follow these tips:

1. Read your operator’s manual and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for safe use, maintenance and storage.

2. Wear eye and hearing protection when you use a pressure washer.

3. Avoid contact with the high pressure stream of water.

4. Keep your hands, feet and body out of the way.

5. Always wear proper clothing such as long pants and long sleeves

6. To keep control of the water stream, hang on to the spray wand with both hands.

7. Never point the sprayer at another person, whether the pressure washer is operating or not it can discharge unexpectedly.

8. Maintain good footing all the time.

9. Do not reach so far that you lose your balance.

10. Do not let children use a pressure washer.

11. Do not use a pressure washer in an area where the water could contact electrical equipment. Being aware of the work environment and keep high-pressure spray away from electric wiring, receptacles, or junction boxes.

12. Always wear the appropriate gloves while operating a pressure washer

13. Attach hoses and turn on the water before starting a high-pressure washer

14. Maintain a distance of 8 to 24 inches between the spray-wand nozzle & surface being cleaned

15. After turning a high-pressure washer off, pull the spray-wand trigger to release the water pressure in the hose.

16. Never try to repair a damaged high-pressure hose, always have it replaced…

Understanding Best high efficiency Pressure washing machine.

Many people underestimate the power of a pressure washer. Serious and even fatal injuries can result when using pressure washers improperly or if basic safety measures are ignored. The two main types of pressure washing machines are electric and gas. Electric machines emit water at pressures exceeding 1,000 pounds per square inch (PSI).

Many gas pressure washers exceed 2.000 PSI and are capable of reaching pressures as high as 4,000 PSI on industrial units. Higher pressure is obviously a faster and more effective cleaning tool… but with the greater pressure, comes the greater chance for serious injury.

Serious injuries from a pressure washer may include abrasions, slips and falls, blindness, and high-pressure injection. The sheer pressure of water alone is powerful enough to cause an injury, but using chemicals during the cleaning process can make a bad situation even worse. Injuries and wounds sustained while pressure washing can appear deceptively nonthreatening but should always be examined and treated by a doctor or qualified emergency care provider.

Abrasions are a common injury associated with pressure washing. To reduce the risk of getting abrasions, wear protective clothing including gloves, closed shoes and long pants. Avoid pointing the pressure washer at yourself, other people and pets. Do not depress the trigger until you are sure of where the gun is pointing and use care not to spray your hands, feet or legs.

Slips and falls can lead to hospitalization or death. Wet surfaces will be more slippery and ice can form rapidly in cold climates. Using a pressure washer on a ladder or other elevated surface is dangerous due to the backward force of a pressure washing gun, which can easily throw a person off balance. Understand your work area and how water will affect the surface. Use appropriate safety harnesses when operating a pressure washer from a ladder, lift, or crane.

Blindness and other eye injuries can occur not only from being sprayed directly in the eye, but from foreign objects or chemicals flying through the air. The power of water at high pressure can send rocks, nails, glass, and other harmful debris hurtling through the air at damaging speeds. Chemicals and detergents can also splash up from the surface.

Always wear shock resistant and splash resistant safety glasses or goggles when operating a pressure washer. In the event of a chemical-related eye injury, seek immediate medical help and be sure to take the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) or label explaining the chemical’s properties for the physicians’ review.

High-pressure injection (HPI) occurs when water and other debris/chemical penetrates the skin and causes deep tissue damage. Serious infections are highly likely with HPI and may ultimately lead to permanent disability or amputation of the affected body parts.

Know how to choose the right pressure washer nozzle.To lessen the risk of HPI, use wide angle or fan nozzles to disburse the pressure over a wider area. Solid stream nozzles can do more harm and should be avoided whenever possible. As with abrasions, wear protective clothing and never point the pressure washer at yourself or another person.

Special concerns for each specific type of pressure washer should also be considered. With electric pressure washers (as with any electrical tool around water) there is the risk of electric shock. Use of gas-powered pressure washers can lead to asphyxiation by carbon monoxide inhalation when used without proper ventilation. Gas units are also loud and may result in hearing loss – hearing protection should be worn at all times. Misuse of hot-water and steam pressure washers may result in serious burns that could likely require medical attention. When operating any pressure washer be sure to read and understand its operation manual, paying special attention to all safety precautions.

Damage Caused by Power Washers

While you have already learned that pressure washers can injure you severely if they aren’t used correctly, they can also cause damage to your home or business, or any other structure you are cleaning.

For example, some of the property damage that pressure washers can cause include:

Allow water into your home, business or other structure, which can result in molds in these structures.

Get water into the walls if too much pressure is used.

The siding can be knocked loose or damaged.

Windows may be damaged or broken.

Paint may be detached from surfaces.

Do not be one of the thousands of individuals each year that underestimate the power of a pressure washer and ultimately require hospitalization for their injuries. Give the machine the respect it deserves and use necessary safety measures for each particular situation. If you have plans to use any type of pressure washer, it is vital that you know how to do this safely. The fact is, if used wrongly, pressure washers can result in quite a bit of damage and personal injury. However, when you take the time to use the safety tips found here, you can easily keep everyone and everything around you safe, uninjured and damage free working place.

Best Hot Water Pressure  Washers

The Hoover Steam Carpet Cleaner FH 50251 features SmartTanks systems that provide separate tanks for either clean or dirty water. This makes it easy to fill and clean the tanks. It has an upholstery tool that can pick up dirt from areas where the power brush doesn’t reach. The Dual V Nozzle Technology and the SpinScrubTechnology enables you to cover more space at a shorter time; therefore you’ll be back to using the clean surfaces in no time. The automatic detergent system gives you the perfect water, detergent ratio for purposes of better results.


Easy to install and use.

It has a manageable size and weight to enable you move around easier when cleaning.

It cleans a wider surface fast and dries them just as fast.


Has a limited washing cycle due to the small water tanks.

Karcher K1700 Electric Power Pressure Washer 1700 PSI

Have your surfaces cleaned and sanitized at the same time without using any chemicals with Reliable Karcher K1700 Electric Power Pressure Washer 1700 PSI TruPressure, 3-Year Warranty, Turbo Nozzle Included

. This machine is portable therefore you can use it at home and carry it later to your office, and anywhere else that might require surface cleaning. It’s among the best and this is a great machine for all around use at the house steam cleaners you can find.

Features high-pressure nozzle that releases constant high levels of steam to ensure maximum cleaning in all areas. The continuous fill tank allows you to re-fill without waiting for it to cool off. It has a fantastic fabric steamer that removes all wrinkles without damaging any fragile fabrics. The steam gun directs steam to the exact places you want to clean. It also has a Patented Comfort Safety System which offers an automatic opening and closing system of the water tanks. This allows for safety during filling without any mishaps.


Environmental friendly since the only ingredient used is water; no chemicals.

Easy install.

Great price under 200.00 for the K1900 shipped free via Prime.

Light weight but built tough.

Comes with soap option.

Built in surge protection.

Storage for parts and extra want extension.

Quiet, easy to use.

3 year warranty.

Safe to use.

Perform multiple functions.


Some customers complained of their hands getting cramped after long use.

I thought wheels could be heavier.

The pressure hose ends are plastic and over time may wear out.

No extra holes for extra tips if you buy them.

Longer pressure hoses if you buy them cant be stored on the unit.

Briggs & Stratton 20680 Electric Pressure Washer 1800 PSI

Using the Briggs & Stratton 20680 Electric Pressure Washer 1800 PSI 1.2 GPM with 20-Foot High Pressure Hose, Turbo Nozzle & Detergent Tank

Due to its portability, you can use it at home  and lots of electric cord, and pressure hose. Good places to coil both cords when you’re putting it away.  It performs multiple functions such as cleaning and sanitizing.This makes sure that you remove all the dirt, grime, grease when cleaning dust.

It comes with a wide selection of accessories that makes every job possible. Three nozzles adjustable, the three give decent variations (one for soap application, one high power, one broader sweep).It produces deadly stream at very high pressure to ensure maximum cleaning.




Lifetime warranty.


 Holster, which is made of plastic and not very strong plastic.

Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure

It comes with powerful 14.5-amp/1800-Watt motor generates up to 2030 PSI/1.76 GPM for maximum cleaning power and water inlet temperature (max) is 104 degrees Farenheit to make cleaning faster and more effective. The 2030 PSI pressure gives you constant high-pressure  volumes to allow consistent cleaning throughout the surfaces.

It has an automatic shut-off system when not working. TSS (Total Stop System) – automatically shuts off the pump when trigger is not engaged to save energy and prolong pump life and a Working Pressure:1450 PSI.20 foot high pressure hose.

How to troubleshoot if the unit does not work. Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Joe 2030 PSI.

1. If the spraying hose is pressurized, then the motor will turn off and stay off. It will not turn on again regardless of how many times you toggle it on/off or how many times you unplug/plug it into the wall.

2. If the unit isn’t getting enough water from it’s input, and the sprayer hose is not pressurized, the motor will run continuously.

3. If the nozzles get wet, they will rust themselves shut.

4. If you pull the trigger on the spraying hose, it will not spray anything and will not depressurize the spraying hose if #3 has happened.

5. After use, due to adhesion properties of water, there are droplets of water that gets stuck in the tip nozzle. This causes #3.

Very important lessons learned for this pressure washer:

1. NEVER store your pressure washer with your nozzle tip still attached to the sprayer wand or it will not dry properly and rust out. There is a place to fit all the nozzle tips on the unit so they don’t get lost in storage.

2. Take a paper towel and dry your nozzle tips off after every use. Otherwise they will rust out.


Safe and healthier.


Environmentally friendly.


One need time to read the manual in details else this a perfect machine to buy.

In conclusion, using best hot water pressure washers with well-maintained hoses is a sure way of staying safe both at home and at any place of work. These tips will help you create a safe environment for yourself and others.

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The Greenwork Hand Carry Electric Pressure

The GreenWorks Hand Carry Electric Pressure Washer offers users the ability to effortlessly clean their outdoor environments without needing to do any scrubbing.

Rather than run on gas like other washers on the market, the GreenWorks product is designed with a compact design and an electric motor. This allows the unit to be used in many outdoor situations without having to worry about filling up a jerry can.

Ideal for washing vehicles, outdoor furniture and even decks or pool areas, the GreenWorks Hand Carry Electric Pressure Washer is compact enough to store almost anywhere. The unit can be operated either vertically or horizontally, which will come in handy when getting into hard to reach areas. The unit can be used with or without the soap applicator.


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