Near Misses Workplace

About near misses

In today’s workplace, companies cannot afford to ignore near misses.

The study shows that for every injury or accident at a workplace there are usually about 189 near miss reports.

Near misses offer a great opportunity for identifying vulnerabilities at the place of work.

A near miss can be defined as an unexpected event that might have led to an accident or damage. The national safety council describes it as a fortunate break of events that prevent an accident.

If history is anything to go by, most near misses at the place of work are followed by serious accidents that might compromise the safety of workers and lead to great losses.

Importance of reporting near misses.

In most workplaces, a near miss might occur and no one would take notice.

Most of the people would think of how lucky they are to have avoided an injury then later forget about it.

To begin with, it is important to identify and report the near misses and know what can be done to prevent them from causing serious accidents.

In an office situation, a cable extension might cause an employee to trip over it, there might be an open door that might just miss a worker by a couple of inches or a worker might lose balance and stumble due to the slippery tile floor.

Most of these near-miss cases go unreported for a couple of reasons including complex reporting procedures and unfriendly management relations.

But what are the advantages of reporting near misses at the place of work?

According to the national safety council, employers are tasked with taking care of their workers by establishing near miss reporting procedures that work.

Companies that have better near miss report systems are more capable of preventing accidents, injuries, time delays and lose at the place of work.

Tips to help encourage the employees to report near misses.

Give training to your employees to make sure they are conversant with the best practices for reporting. Encourage them to act on every near miss so as to help the company avoid and control hazards.

Create a nonpunitive reporting system that allows the employees to stay anonymous. Sometimes all that is needed is a culture of trust that allows all the individuals to contribute and share thus improving on the safety condition in the workplace.

Learn to investigate the root causes of every near miss so as to identify the weak links in the system before they lead to accidents. It is important to capture correlation studies and statistical data to be able to measure performance. This will enable rapid improvement in different areas of the company.

Use the collected results to improve safety conditions in the company. It is important to do this as it gives you information that you can use to train new employees on how to prevent accidents. This practice also goes a long way towards improving the company’s growth trajectory.

In most cases, near misses are a result of faulty management processes and unreliable systems. Trivial details in the place of work can cause serious damage that can cripple an organization. Instead of taking reactive safety measure, it is recommended to adopt proactive techniques such as the ones listed above so as to deal with near misses workplace-related accidents.


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