Wealthy Affiliate and Site Built It Comparison.

Before we begin this discussion, I would like you to note that I personally don’t think Site Built It or Wealthy Affiliate is a scam. Well, I wanted to give a comparison of the two web hosting companies because I have worked with both. I was with Site Built It for one year but never continued with them for many reasons I will explain below.


Am not an website guru it’s only passion and interest to build a website I currently have my website up and running with Wealthy Affiliate that I joined in year 2017 and am working for myself.

This website was started in February 2017 and is working for me.

You can join their Starter Membership for free and check things out, including 10 free beginner lessons which include building your first website (also free). You can access live chat and talk to other members to see what they think and what they are working on too.

I am still a member as well, and help all the people that join through my link. You can PM me with questions about your website and other business things.

What They Are Saying On Twitter. A Honest Review

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam Don’t Sign Up Until You Read This

People usually pay as much as $300 p/hour for online training, but you get access from me and other experts at Wealth Affiliate for $49/month (Premium membership). The full review of what’s inside Wealthy Affiliate will give you more understanding into what you’re paying for, but remember that it’s free to join (no credit card needed) so if you are still doubting create a free account and have look for yourself what going on inside WA and then make your mind.

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want to be a successful online marketer, then try out the Wealthy Affiliate Program.

Okay, before I start sounding bias, let me give you my experiences with the two service providers. I will use the question-answer approach to compare the two services, and although I will mention which one I prefer at the end of the discussion, the final decision will be all yours.

So, What is Wealthy Affiliate Program and What is Site Built It

Both Wealthy Affiliate and Site Built It are online business building websites that give you the training, resources, and tools to build a successful online business.  They give you the support, tools, and an action guide.

How Much Does Each One Cost?

Site Built It costs $29 a month or $299 a year. While this might seem like a reasonable price, Site Built It has additional charges for their webinars and private coaching. Sorry but I just don’t like up-sells.


On the other hand, Wealthy Affiliate costs $49 per month or $359 a year. There are no other hidden charges. Yes, this is a little pricey compared to Site Built It, but Wealth Affiliate offers weekly live training at zero extra costs.

How easy is it to get help?

You can easily get help with both the two service providers. Both Wealthy Affiliate and Site Built It provide 24/7 support. WA provides their support in various ways; you can post your questions to the classroom and get quick answers from other WA members. However, in case you have a technical issue with your site, you can contact their site support team for a quick response.


Site Built It uses a forum style to answer people’s questions. Although it is not as straightforward as Wealthy Affiliate, you will still have your questions answered.

Is private coaching offered?

Yes, the two sites offer private coaching to their members. With Wealthy Affiliate, you can get private coaching from site owners, Carson and Kyle. You can also get assistance from a member who has been with Wealthy Affiliate for a long time. You don’t get charged for this! Wealthy Affiliate has a very helpful community that is ready to help you build your online business.

My Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review

Product: Wealthy Affiliate
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Price: $49 per month or $359 per year (free trial available) Approximate 0.99$ per day
My Verdict: Good, but not quite perfect


As much as Site Built It provides private coaching, it comes at an extra cost. So, it is only available to those who can afford it.

Can you get help from the owners?

Yes, the Wealthy Affiliate owners, Carson and Kyle are easily reachable and ready to help. Response times can be slower compared to site and classroom support, but they will definitely get back to you.

Site Built It owner, Ken Envoy is easy to contact too. He is very active with his site and takes pride in his company.

Is live chat available?

Yes for Wealthy Affiliate and no for Site Built It. Wealthy Affiliate program has a live chat service that can come in handy when you have a question that needs to be answered immediately. SBI does not provide live chat.

Is there a step-by-step training?

Both sites provide step-by-step training to help get your online business up and running.

Are websites included in the membership package?

Yes, the package for both companies comes with websites. However, you can only have one site with Site Built It whereas Wealthy Affiliate gives you a variety of options.

Is web hosting provided?

Yes, both Wealthy Affiliate and Site Built It will host your websites. This is important since you won’t have to pay for hosting separately.

Is there a free trial period?

Yes for Wealthy Affiliate and No for Site Built It. Wealthy Affiliate offers a Starter Membership that enables you to have two free sites with secure hosting.  You are given 12 WordPress themes to select from and no need for your credit card.

Site Built It does not offer a free trial period. You only get money back guarantee of ninety days. This is different from trying out for free since you still have to give your credit card details.

Is a keyword research tool provided?

Yes, both companies provide their members with a keyword research tool. This is a great initiative for both Wealthy Affiliate and Site Built It. Keyword research is essential to the success of any online marketing campaign.

Is an affiliate program provided?

Yes, as a starter or premium member, you have a chance to promote Wealthy Affiliate and earn extra money for it. Site Built It also has an affiliate program where members get paid for promoting it.

So, what is my final verdict?

As someone who owns an online business, the decision to choose between Wealthy Affiliate and Site Built It is a very easy one. While you can possibly get cash using Site Built It, the one website restriction and the extra support costs really put me off, and that means I cannot recommend it.


As an online business person, you need to be able to manage your cash flow as well as the cost of operation. I don’t really think you will stick with just one website. As your business grows, you will want to explore and pursue other niches. You will, therefore, want to have two or more websites. So, would you want your cost of operation to increase as the number of websites increase? I don’t think so.

My Profile At Wealthy Affiliate Platform 

Website Builder and Free Hosting on


Another thing that makes me not recommend Site Built It is the many limitations and lack of flexibility on its website building platform. Ken Envoy himself supports his own proprietary Block Builder for site building, which is similar to drop design and Google’s Blogspot’s drag. On the contrary, many people preferred WordPress which provides flexibility and open-mindedness, where developers can create any plugins and use them within their WordPress website.

Well, as much as Site Built It is not a scam, it is just not for everyone. Its actual value is education and not technology. It could be valuable to someone who still doesn’t know much about the web. So, I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate as a far much better option than Site Built It.

Comments Request..

I hope you found my Wealthy Affiliate review helpful, but if you have any questions or comments, please post them in the comments section below. I will reply as soon as I can.



  • That’s right! I would totally go for Wealthy Affiliate. The support is a GREAT advantage, even if you might think it isn’t. Because some times you have a lot of motivation and you don’t need much support..

    But when you get stuck somewhere and you need some help, you can find at WA for no costs whatsoever.. If you have to pay for support, that’s a great No-Go for me..

    So I’d definitely go for Wealthy Affiliate, And yeah.. I did (LOL)



    • That true Moha. With WA you get all the help one needs.
      Imagine I have been aware of WA for long but the deal was too good to be believe. But I regret why I dint join it.
      But its never too late to start.

      Thanks to hear from you Cheeers

  • Hello Martin,

    Tanks for inviting me to your site, what a coincidence I was also active in the safety and security.

    I started as a normal safety employe and later I was safety manager in petrochemical plants durin shut-downs.

    It is important that you give clear advice and good examples to illustrate why a behaviour can cause a fatality in the worst cases.


    It is good the way that you display each potential danger that surrounds us !

    I’ve done a lot of audits and the lack of communication is the first danger !

    Always take your time in toolbox meetings to explain the safety plan.

    Also to use an understandable language when you advice !

    It was a pleasure to know you better and so we can have nice conversations !

    Greets Attila

    • Thanks Attila

      Am joining safety department in weeks time and though have been an active safety guy am taking my field experience in practice now.

      Thanks for the comment. Have got lot to be done here at WA


  • Hi Martin,
    Can you send success story from your experience if you have made it with wealthy affiliate or other wealthy affiliate members people like seeing facts. Have seen you have made a good review. Thank you


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