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Hot Water and Steam Cleaning

6 Best rated steam cleaners

If you are looking for extra clean hard floors, an ordinary mop isn’t always enough. Electric steam pressure washer are excellent alternatives for ensuring proper sanitation, making one of the most boring household chores as pain-free and quick as possible.

In this review we have listened 6 Best rated steam cleaners gadgets that use hot steam to sanitize and kill bacteria while easily removing dirt.

The heat combines with cleaning detergent to ensure your floors are cleaner compared to using the traditional mop and bucket. There will be no more dirty mop water and grimy mop head!

Steam cleaners also disregard the use of chemicals, making them an excellent choice for pet owners. Also, steam kills most germs; it can kill dust mites, fleas and others.

However, most steam cleaners do not deliver what they promise, so you need to make sure you are getting the right one.

We have done the homework for you and come up with 10 of the best steam cleaners from brands that you can trust. Take a look!

McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner

Clean your walls, floors, windows, counters and any other hard or soft surfaces using McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner

. It is chemical free since it uses water as the only ingredient. It not only cleans but also sanitizes surfaces to keep bacteria-causing germs away.

It has a larger capacity water tank compared to other steam cleaners thus making it ideal for commercial purposes too.

It has features such as a canister design, versatile extension pole, and a flexible steam hose all which help in cleaning efficiently and fast.

It comes with a deluxe attachment kit that cleans every mess including stuck-on stains in tight spaces. Its on-board storage helps keep the attachments.


  • User and environment friendly.
  • Large capacity water tank.


  • The handle got pretty hot when I was steaming continuously.  Recommend only holding the button down for a couple seconds at a time.
  • Some clients thought it left a lot of water on surfaces that needed to be dried up later.

Bissell PowerFresh Slim Hard Wood Floor Steam Cleaner System

To avoid using harsh chemical products that could harm your young one or pets, use Bissell PowerFresh Slim Hard Wood Floor Steam Cleaner System, to clean all the surfaces in your home or office.

It uses water as the only ingredient, thereby making it safer and healthier. It cleans, sanitizes and deodorants all the surfaces in your home.

It comes Steam clean anywhere with 3 machines in 1! the Bissell PowerFresh slim steam mop provides a superior clean both on and above your floors, converting from an upright steam mop to an extended reach surface cleaner to a portable handheld steam cleaner.

Safe to use on all sealed hard floors such as hardwood, ceramic, granite and marble. The on-demand steam trigger allows you to dispense just the right amount of steam onto your floors.

Steam clean multiple surfaces in your home with a variety of tools that can be used universally on both the extension wand and handheld steam cleaner


  •  like that it can be a handheld or mop/extended
  •  worked great on tiled kitchen counter
  •  so much easier than an old fashioned mop for tiled floors
  •  quite satisfying to see dirt lifted off grout
  • It has limitless uses; from cleaning floors, to bathrooms, to counters, to walls, to windows and many more.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Can be used for commercial purposes too.


  • didn’t budge mildew in the shower
  •  doesn’t hold much water so need to refill often
  •  doesn’t seem super strong (heat? pressure?)
  •  strain on the back while mopping floor (too short)
  • Some customers found the instructions not to be clear enough.

Polti Vaporetto Handy 3.5 Bar

Clean your surfaces without the need of chemicals with PoltiVaporetto Handy 3.5 Bar. It uses vaporetto dry steam to clean your surfaces deeply, safely and hygienically.

It’s effective for cleaning floor and walls as it removes dust, stubborn grime, and bacteria. It is approved by the British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval to be effective in removing dust mites.

Some of its features include a 3.5 bar steam pressure that deep cleans and removes up to 99.99% of germs, viruses and bacteria.

It has several attachments, such as 4 different brushes, a window squeegee, a scraping tool and many more, that make cleaning possible in every corner of your home.

It has a compartment on-board to store these accessories. It comes with several safety features to give you peace of mind when using it.

It also has a FrescoVapor Odour Eliminator that combines with the steam so as to capture odours and give a pleasant smell.


  • Its eco-friendly.
  • It’s safe to use.
  • It is lightweight thus ideal for fast cleaning with comfort.


  • It doesn’t have wheels so you have to move it around while cleaning.

 McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Deep Clean Steam Cleaner

Using water, McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister naturally cleans and sanitizes a wide variety of surfaces. It can clean your home, car, garage, boat, RV, and many more.

It can clean, mop and sanitize your surfaces to remove dirt, grime, grease, bacteria, germs and many more. It’s among the best carpet steam cleaners around.

It features a large water tank capacity that gives continuous stream of up to 120 minutes. It comes with over 20 accessories such as floor mop, brushes, squeegee, and many more, that make cleaning easier, faster and more effective.

It releases 4 bar pressure that deep cleans and kills all the germs and bacteria. The extra-long power cord integrated with a cord wrap allows you to reach farther when cleaning.

The MC1385 also has variable steam control settings that allow you to choose the amount of steam you need for a particular clean.


  • Eco-friendly.
  • Its large water tank capacity allows it to be used for commercial purposes.
  • It can be used on several surfaces without requiring re-fills.


  • It requires a funnel to fill up the tank.

Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional

Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional removes dirt and stains by using a powerful vacuum suction coupled together with scrubbing action and a cleaning solution.

It’s mainly designed to clean your carpet, rugs, upholstery, auto interiors, stairs and many more. It comes ready to use without the need to assemble.

Bissell SpotClean Pro has a large capacity water tank that allows you to use it for long without the need to re-fill. It comes with an extra-long power cord and a 6 inch stair tool that allows you to clean all the hard-to-reach surfaces and larger furniture areas.

It has a powerful suction that enables you to remove stubborn stains and dirt. The Bissell 2X Professional Deep Cleaning Formula will give your carpet a deep and perfect clean.

This cleaning formula contains Scotchgard protection which protects your carpet from any future stains. It’s among the top-rated carpet cleaners.


  • Best for those who have small children or pets to help you remove all those accidentals stains.
  • Can be used for commercial purposes.
  • Can be used to clean multiple places.


  • Some clients thought it should have wheels to help move around rather than having to carry it.

Hoover Steam Twintank WH20200

This is designed to clean, sanitize and refresh your entire home including all the hard surfaces. Unlike others that rely on either steam alone or disinfectant solution for cleaning, Hoover Steam TwinTank WH20200 has both the Disinfecting Steam Mop and the SteamPlus Cleaning Solution.

Therefore, depending on your choice and the surface you want cleaned, you can choose from either of the two.

It features several accessories that will make your cleaning process faster and more effective. The two-tank system allows you to choose which cleaning ingredient you want.

These tanks are also removable, making re-fills and cleaning easier. The extra-long power cord that is about 30 feet long makes it possible to reach farther surfaces without the need to unplug.

It also has a steam ready indicator to let you know when the steam is ready for use. It has a carpet glider to refresh carpets and rugs.

The triangular swivel mop head can maneuver along baseboards and in to the tight corners during cleaning.


  • Flexibility in what you can use for cleaning.
  • It’s multipurpose.
  • Perfect for pet owners and those with young children as it helps remove and disinfect all the accidental stains.


  • Some clients thought it was a bit heavy.

How do you choose the best steam cleaner?

When it comes to steam cleaners, you have two options to choose from: a steam mop and a handheld steam cleaner.

A steam mop is upright and comes with a water tank connected to the handle and is mainly used for washing hard floors and, it lets you clean much quicker than an ordinary mop.

It doesn’t leave floors wet for long afterwards, meaning you will not worry about dirty shoes ruining your hard work.

A handheld steam cleaner on the other hand, is more compact and aims to clean everything including ovens, windows, tiles, and showers.

This gadget usually comes with a stronger stream of steam and more accessories to suit different surfaces. It can be used in places where larger models cannot work-including cupboards and bins.

At the end of the day, your cleaning needs should determine the kind of steam cleaner to go for.

Some of the factors to consider include ease of use, attachments and accessories, size and weight, water tank size, noise levels, and pressure and temperature.

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