Hot Water and Steam Cleaning

 Simple Guides To Steam Cleaning.

In most homes, hot water and steam pressure washers are used to clean carpets, walls and other upholstery.

There are also a good number of workplaces that make use of hot water and steam cleaning techniques to get work done. Unfortunately, there are a couple of danger concerns that are related to hot water and steam cleaning.

These risks present vulnerabilities that ought to be considered before using these cleaning techniques in order to avoid accidents and injuries

Let’s take a look at some of the hazards that are related to hot water and steam cleaning and how you can prevent them whether you are at home or at your place of work.

Water temperature

During steam cleaning, the water temperature gets to 1800F to turn water to steam and also to clean effectively.

If water heated to about 1200 F is capable of scalding an individual then how much more damage would water at 1800 cause? The good news is that at 1200 your cleaning tasks will be accomplished with the same efficiency and with improved safety.

When cleaning soot, grease and sticky oil surfaces with hot water, be sure to Have rubber gloves and boots or put on the best face shield to protect you.

The risks caused by high water temperature when cleaning should be considered in order to avoid steam and hot water cleaning related injuries.

 Well maintained hoses

It is crucial to check your hoses condition before using it. A damaged hose needs to be replaced before it breaks to ensure that your hot water and steaming equipments are at their best condition.

Tighten the connections to avoid leaks and whenever a hosepipe gets kinked, quickly remove the kinks to avoid breakage. Caution must be practiced with steam hoses that have cooled.

The condensed water could cause an accident when the valve is opened causing the nozzle of the hose to violently whip. Always store the hose in a safe area where it is free from being run over or damaged.


It is common knowledge that water and electricity don’t mix. Be careful to switch off all power sources when steam cleaning to avoid any incidences of electric shocks from happening.

Also, make sure that all sockets are well covered during the cleaning process. Avoid spraying household electric equipment directly. Only turn on the power after all the surfaces are dry and clean. (See also electrical kitchen  equipment care.)


Whenever steam cleaning is being done there is a high chance that the steam might be too much causing poor vision.

This is actually a very common incident that happens with people who work with steam cleaners. The operator of the steam cleaner should avoid risks by avoiding the vapor cloud.

Poor visibility when steam cleaning can cause injuries from tripping and falling. It is recommended to take a break whenever the vapor cloud gets too intense and within no time the cloud will disappear for you to get back to work.

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In conclusion, using lower temperature steam and hot water with well-maintained hoses is a sure way of staying safe both at home and at any place of work. These tips will help you create a safe environment for yourself and others.


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