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Choosing the Best Smart Security System for Your Home.

A few years back, getting a home alarm monitoring service meant having to part with hundreds of dollars in installation costs, not to forget the monthly fees to keep the alarm system up and running.

And after making all those financial and legal commitments in the form of long-term contracts with the security company, you still had to deal with a couple of false alarms every month as the systems were not flexible.

The costs of installing an alarm system in a rental unit were steep, despite the fact that cases of burglary and home intrusion in rental properties were the highest.

The Internet of Things

Few years down the line, the home alarm systems market has seen massive improvements. Things are different now.

Technological advancements and the Internet of things have revolutionized the way we protect our homes. Even lowly renters can now install DIY home security systems that they can monitor using their mobile phones.

Whether you dwell in a studio apartment or a six-bedroom townhouse, these new home security systems will give you the peace of mind that you so much need at a very affordable cost.

DIY Home Security or Professionally Monitored Home Alarm System?

In most cases, these new home security systems don’t come with a monthly bill and will not require you to sign a bunch of contracts.

You will be in total control of how you protect your house. They are integrated with sensors and other DIY-friendly technologies, just plug-and-play. These types of home alarm systems don’t require professional installations and are appropriate for people who live in rented houses.

DIY home security system leaves you in charge of your apartment’s security; you will receive notifications in the form of text messages via your smartphone if something’s wrong. For instance, if someone breaks into your house, it’s up to you to notify the police.


If you would still like to install any of the numerous professionally monitored home alarm systems available in the market, no problem. It’s definitely the better option if you live in your own home and can foot the monthly bill.

Put into consideration the level of security you need in your home, how often you are away from your home, how busy you are, and your financial well being — how much are you willing to pay for a home alarm monitoring service?

All these factors will help you make an informed decision on the best home alarm system for your house.

5 best Key Features of a Good Home Alarm System

Whether you choose to go with a DIY system or a professionally monitored home security system, there are certain features you should look for when shopping for an alarm system. Some of these features include:

  1. Backup battery. Any home security system worth the name should be able to wholly or partly function for some time without power. See also battery care
  2. Compatible with other smart home devices. If you have invested your hard-earned dollars in smart home devices set up, consider installing a home security system that will easily integrate with your smart home setup.
  3. High-decibel alarm. This will alert your neighbors and scare off burglars.
  4. Sensors on your windows, doors, and hallways. The alarm will go off when a window or a door is broken or if the motion sensors on the hallways detect any movements.
  5. An internet connected camera and a smartphone application. These two features will allow you to watch your home from wherever you are remote.

Some of the best security systems for your home include:


Vivint has done an exquisite job at integrating home automation and high-end home security into a single package.

The Vivint home security system is smartly designed to control your home’s security systems, HVAC appliances, video, and the lighting system. The company completely understands the meaning of internet of things.

You can control all these features of your home using the Vivint app. However, the Vivint home security system can only be installed professionally plus their price is quite high given the company’s BBB somewhat unimpressive rating.


Frontpoint offers both professional and DIY installation options. This is your premier wireless home alarm system if that’s what you are looking for.

The company’s systems are 100 percent cellular and extremely easy to install. Frontpoint home security systems are suitable for renters and homeowners alike.

Once you install, you will get 30 days of free trial and the company’s level of customer service is hard to come by.

Going through their reviews, you’ll hardly come across a negative comment about the company or its services. Frontpoint’s rating on BBB is an impressive A+.

Protect America

Just like Frontpoint, Protect America offers both professional installation and DIY home security options. This is the most flexible home security system in the market giving you options to customize the service you want.

You can even choose what type of sensors you want to install on which part of your house.  If a highly effective but cheap home alarm system is what you are looking for, Protect America is your best bet.

This BBB A-rated home security system gives you the best value for your money. Protect America offers additional protection from fires and high levels of carbon monoxide.


SimpliSafe offers a vast array of multi-sensor that can be easily customized at a very affordable rate.

It is very easy to install a SimpliSafe home security system by yourself, the company doesn’t actually offer professional installation, but they do offer live monitoring services. However, you will have to part with a reasonable monthly fee for it.

The system is completely wireless, and the power backup can last up to 96 hours.


ISmartAlarm is a highly flexible DIY home alarm system that is very easy to install. This security system is completely controlled via cell phone; you actually can’t monitor your home through a desktop computer with this system.

The cameras cannot save videos, so you will have to work with snapshots.

There are numerous DIY and monitored home alarm systems out there all offering similar services.

It’s not easy to choose one of them but knowing what to expect will go a long way towards helping you make the right choice.


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