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Common Kitchen Safety Hazards

Common Kitchen Safety Hazards and How to Avoid Them.

The kitchen is a crucial part of every home. It is every home’s beating heart. Families gather up in the kitchen to reconnect with one another after a hard day’s work, share scrumptious meals or exchange recipes while they catch up on the events of the day.

But if common kitchen hazards are not identified and corrected, the kitchen can be a really dangerous area. For instance, over 60 percent of all home fires start in the kitchen.

And that’s just one of the potential hazards that can arise in the kitchen area. To keep your family safe and prevent avoidable injuries, make the observance of kitchen rules a habit in your house.

Beware Of Kitchen Safety Hazards.

There are numerous kitchen safety hazards in an average home. Sometimes, we are so accustomed to having these items in our kitchens that we fail to notice the level of danger they pose to our families until they cause an accident.

Well, this is an unnecessary risk. You can learn to spot these hazards, correct them before someone gets hurt and help keep your loved ones safe.

5 Tips for Knives and Other Sharp Kitchen Utensils.

A kitchen where knives are not stored properly is a risk to every member of that household. There are so many potential hazards that could result from a knife laying around. To avoid this:

  1. Do not keep your sharpest knives in the utensil drawer with other cutting objects, forks and spoons. It is easy for someone to cut themselves when looking for a spoon or a fork in the presence of a sharp knife.
  2. Keep knives in knife cases or knife blocks to avoid accidental exposure. Knife cases should be properly sealed and firm to prevent them from slipping off.
  3. If you choose to store your knives in a knife block, place the block on a secure surface where it will not be tripped and out of reach for children.
  4. Ensure that knife handles are positioned in a way that allows them to be gripped easily when storing knives in a knife block.
  5. When placing knives in a knife block, keep the sharp side up, so someone will know what to anticipate when drawing a knife and it will also help preserve the edges of your knives.

Other items in the utensils drawer can lead to injuries too if not stored or handled properly. Keep the drawers organized so that someone doesn’t wind up with the edge of a knife when trying to reach for a spoon or a fork.

If you keep the utensils drawer cluttered it will be impossible for someone to see a sharp object. If there are any sharp objects left in a utensils drawer, make sure that they don’t poke anyone by keeping them pointed away from where they are more likely to injure someone.

Electrical Appliances.

Many kitchens contain a variety of small electrical appliances such as can openers, toasters, crockpots, mixers, blenders, electric kettles, etc. Some of these appliances can be hazardous if not handled with proper care.

4  Kitchen Equipment Safety Tips on How to Avoid Injuries Resulting from the use of Electrical Appliances in the Kitchen.

  1. The outer housing of a crockpot can get really hot when working. Place it away from the edge of the counter to avoid someone coming into contact with it while passing by and get burned.
  2. Don’t reach into appliances like mixers or blenders when they are working.
  3. To avoid shock hazards, keep appliances and electric cords away from sinks and other water sources.
  4. Also keep the cords away from the edges of the counter to avoid catching it by mistake and knock the appliance off the counter.

Garbage Disposals.

Waste disposal equipment is becoming popular in many homes’ kitchens. Improper use of this equipment can lead to injury. Keep your family safe.

  • Don’t turn it on while poking around in the drain.
  • Don’t place your fingers or hands with the garbage disposal operating.
  • Ensure that every household member knows how to operate the garbage disposal safely.

Oven and Stove.

Many people have sustained burn injuries on their hands while trying to reach for something in the oven sans proper kitchen safety gloves.

The stove, whether gas or electric, as well as the oven, pose a high level of risk for burn injuries in any home.  But minor burn injuries are not the hazards resulting from the oven and the stove. Take a look:

  • Don’t leave the oven unattended while cooking or leave it dirty after use. Doing any of the above can cause a fire and lead to the destruction of property or even loss of lives.
  • Make sure you turn the stove off after you are done the cooking. Leaving the stove on with empty pans on top can lead to fires too.
  • To avoid someone knocking off pans with hot food from the oven and burn themselves, turn the pan’s handles towards the wall.
  • Some pans are not safe for direct heat and will break if you place them on stovetops after you remove them from the oven. Ensure that a pan can be used on direct heat before you place it on a burning stove top.

11 Kitchen Safety Rules For Children.

If there are kids in your house, you should work to ensure that children kitchen safety measures are in place and upheld by every member of your household. Keep your family safe by setting the following 10 kitchen safety rules for your children.

Don’t leave the oven or stove on when you are done using them.

Keep all cleaning chemicals out of the children reach.

Always use a clean plate. Don’t use a plate that held raw food.

Ask an adult to help you slice vegetables or do it for you.

Keep pot holders, dish towels, and paper towels away from a burning stove.

Don’t put sharp knives in the sink.

Dry up spills immediately to avoid someone tripping and falling.

Wash your hands properly before you handle any food.

Make good use of potholders, pots, and pans can get really hot.

Watch your step around the kitchen.

Avoid children playing with toys around kitchen area.

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