Cell Phones and Accidents

Cell Phones and Accidents

You will agree that inappropriate use of cell phones especially while driving is dangerous. Cell phone accidents have been known to be the cause of over a quarter of the car crashes in the world.

 Phones And Steering Don’t Mix

Over the years the National Transportation Safety Board has been researching and reporting on the rising cases of cell phone related crashes.

Although there are a couple of rules that have been created to prevent cell phone usage while driving, these issues still persist.

Smart phones have become a part of life and most people find it hard to resist reaching out for their phone whenever they get a notification.

So how can you stay safe despite the distraction that cell phones produce? Well this article will take you through some quick tips that will help you stay safe and avoid cell phone car accidents.


  1. Use an App

With the advancement of technology, smartphones have become powerful enough to run software that can help alter behavior.

A couple of companies have gone ahead to fill the gap by using software to turn handheld devices into safety tools for drivers.

You can easily download an app that includes an automatic lock out feature to keep you from getting the temptation to use your phone. The apps can also redirect your calls to a voice mail so that you can get your notifications later.

  1. Pull over to take your calls

Whenever you get a notification when driving, it is always a good idea to pull over to the side before picking up your call.

This idea is already gaining popularity in most Airports as you will notice cell phone lots that allow you to know when to pick a person before landing. You could take advantage of a bus stop to answer calls whenever possible.

  1. Do some Carpooling

If you are planning to conduct business while in your car, the best way to avoid a cell phone accident is to carpool.

While your designated driver focuses on driving, you can keep up with phone calls, keeping them off the speakerphone so as not to distract the driver.

Whenever either of you get tired, you can pull over to change roles.

Always make sure not to drive when expecting a bunch of calls to answer. Getting a partner to help you carpool is a great way of staying focused on the road.

  1. Use public transport

Most people are naturally compelled to respect other people’s privacy by not yapping on their phones when using public transport.

You can use public transport to keep the temptation of always answering your phone at bay.

Furthermore, commuting with public transport allows you to operate your device without worrying about causing cell phone accidents since there is a bus driver.

The best way to avoid causing a cell phone car accident is to train yourself to avoid distraction.

Most people are unknowingly proud of their multitasking skills while driving without understanding the risks that such behavior causes.

Learn to follow these simple safety tips to avoid cell phone accidents.

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