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Selecting Eye Protection

 Selecting Best Eye Protection over glasses It is common knowledge to use eye protection in places where eye hazards do exist. Its should be made clear that normal glasses do not offer the correct eye protection in any workplace because they do not meet the set standard of eye protection. However, in the world, over

Workplace Safety Audit

General Safety Audit in the Workplace, in Our Homes and on the Roads. When the word safety audit is mentioned, people generally think of a negative experience, or of a foreboding confrontation. However, when looked at as a preventive measure or as a means to reassure our workforce, safety audits should always be viewed as

Heat Stress Management.

Heat Stress Management What is heat stress? Heat stress is a condition whereby the body is unable to cool itself through sweating. In such a situation the body might suffer heat-induced illnesses such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke that is usually more severe. What can heat illnesses occur due to heat stress? Heat stroke:

Ladders Safety Guidelines

Ladders Safety Guidelines Ladders are very commonly used in the workplace and this makes them be taken for granted by almost all users. It is quite unfortunate that majority of workplace incidences and accidents related to ladders occur mainly because users do not observe standard disciplines for handling hazards and consequently do not follow the

House cleaning chemicals

Different house cleaning chemicals that sit idly around the house in cupboards, bathrooms, the garage or basement contain chemicals that can cause accidents when used or mixed incorrectly. Although workplaces require large amounts of chemical substances, the household chemical safety principles still apply at home where small amounts of chemicals are used to clean dirt