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Safety Measure for Handling Lawn Mowers

Safety Measure for Handling Lawn Mowers If you have ever been caught between trying to use your garden lawn mower to mow the lawn and preparing a guest list for a barbecue or dinner, then you know just how lawn mower accidents happen. The first victims are usually children. Annually, garden affordable lawn mowers cause

Forklift Accidents

Forklift Accidents. It is quite common in the most workplace to find forklifts being used regularly. Currently, forklifts are in operation more often than before. While forklifts usually offers everyday materials handling solution for many businesses, each year they continue to be related with workplace deaths and injuries. The human and economic cost of forklift-related

Best full face respirator mask.

What Kind of Protection do Respirators offer? A respirator is a gear that protects people from inhaling dangerous substances such as infectious particles and chemicals like silica. Respirators are protective equipment one can use when working in a hazardous environment or handling hazardous materials They can either be half mask respirators or full face mask

Silica Dust Hazards

Silica  Hazards Workplaces containing breathable silica hazards pose a huge health risk to its workers. It is important for companies to conduct silica dust training on workers so as to equip them with knowledge about silica dust safety measures. Some of the health risks that come from exposure to silica dust hazards include silicosis, lung

Swimming Safety Tips

Swimming is an ideal form of exercise—but only for those who are interested in a total-body workout that will build strong, lean muscles, go easy on the joints, and increase respiratory capacity. Swimming can ease asthma, strengthen your core, and increase flexibility and endurance. But let’s start with some water safety facts; did you know