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Safe Kitchen Knife Holders

Best Kitchen Knife Holder

Kitchens harbor potential accidents waiting to occur-from tripping over on spilt liquid to cutting yourself on knives.

But, the most common kitchen accidents are caused by the use of knives. If you are not careful, or are using a blunt knife and you happen to slip, you might end up cutting yourself or others.

Also, knives left in the washing bowl, or on the kitchen counter might end up cutting other people in the kitchen, especially children.

A good kitchen knife holder will not only keep your knives safe to use, but also sharp and protected from breaking.

You will be able to keep each knife stable and separate from its counterparts, meaning, no moving or wiggling.

Let’s look at some of the best knife holder techniques that will help prevent potential kitchen related accidents, speed up food prep time, and increase the longevity of your knives.

1. Ouddy 15 inch Magnetic Knife Bar

Have your knives stay in place and avoid sliding off with the Ouddy Magnetic Knife Holder. Made from high-quality aluminum and featuring a strong magnet, this knife rack will serve you for years without rusting, or losing its magnetic charge.

It provides a convenient way to keep knives, metal tools and other cutlery, and can be used in various places including the kitchen, garage, laundry room, or office.

You will have an easy access by simply affixing the magnetic knife strip to any wall, whether it’s close to the oven or over an in-built cutting board. What’s more, the package comes with all the required hardware for easy installation.

With a promise of a 100% money-back guarantee from the company, buying the Ouddy 15 inch Magnetic Knife Bar is absolutely risk free.

The company is fully confident in their product and will be ready to give a replacement or full refund in the event that you are not satisfied with the product.


  • Strong magnet
  • Enough space to store most of your kitchen knives
  • Stores securely, but releases easily


  • Does not come with mounting instructions

  2. Modern Innovations 16 Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Bar

Putting knives out of children’s reach makes your kitchen a safer place for kids. The Modern Innovations Magnetic Knife Bar has powerful neodymium magnetic strip that ensures your knives stay put and do not fall like other knife strips, making sure your kids do not reach them.

The knife bar is multipurpose and can be used as a knife strip, knife holder, home organizer, magnetic tool organizer, and art supply organizer.

The Modern Innovations Magnetic Knife Bar comes covered in beautiful, satin finished, high quality stainless steel that is bound to accent any kitchen décor.

What’s more, the bar is smooth and easy to wipe without the need to scrub or use special tools to reach the hidden crevices. 

You will be able to save counter space, while keeping your family from consuming food cut by dirty, germy knives. Its extended length allows you to store more knives compared to most knife blocks, while still being sizeable enough to variably fit anywhere, in the kitchen or workspace.


  • Powerful magnet that holds even the largest knives, safely and securely
  • Comes with easy to follow instructions and mounting hardware for easy and quick installation


  • Some customers found it to be too heavy.

3. Kitchendao knife block 

Do not feel frustrated with the many different knives that cannot fit into your traditional knife block. Compact but with a big volume, the Kitchendao knife block is suitable for all sorts of knives and can store up to 15 knives. With its parallel slots, the knife edges are separated and won’t touch each other, which prevents scratching. You will not risk damaging the edges of your knives in the block.

The Kitchendao knife block is transparent and makes it easy for you to get the right knife at the first shot. It is lightweight, but stable and can be moved easily.

The holes at the center drain out the water, ensuring that the knives stay dry. What’s more, the block’s detachable bottom and top insert makes cleaning a breeze.

And yes, it has a 100% lifetime money back guarantee, so you can buy with confidence knowing that you can send it back in case you are not happy with it.


  • Detachable for easy cleaning
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Fits knives of up to 20 cm in length


  • Takes up more counter space

 4. Wrenbury 12’’ Zebrano Solid Wood Magnetic Knife Rack

Measuring approximately 12 x 2.25 x 0.75″ / 30.5 x 2 x 6cm, the Wrenbury Zebrano Solid Wood Magnetic Knife Rack is a handmade product made in Great Britain from a solid wood with pure hand polished finish that is non-toxic and food-safe.

The package comes with full mounting screws and mounting instructions to make the mounting process quick and easy. Once installed, you will get a clean, elegant look with no logos or screws visible.

Like all the Wrenbury magnetic knife racks, the Wrenbury 12’’ Zebrano Solid Wood Magnetic Knife Rack comes with a continuous magnetic field, without any dead spots.

It can hold any object that contain magnetic metals, though the holding power will depend on the shape, weight, and size of the object to be hanged.


  • Comes with 12 month guarantee
  • Wipes clean
  • Comes with mounting instructions and mounting screws


  • None

5. Eco Kitchen 18 Inch Magnetic Knife Holder

Have your knives and other cutlery at your fingers with the Eco Kitchen Magnetic Knife Holder. This is a real life-saver, you no-longer have to guess which cabinet or drawer has the utensils you want.

Made from high quality stainless steel and with a strong  Neodymium magnet, this knife holder will not rust or lose its magnetic charge. Its modern metallic design makes it a good fit for any modern and classic kitchen, as well as a great gift idea.

The Eco Kitchen 18 Inch Magnetic Knife Holder comes with screws for easy and quick installation on any kind of kitchen backsplash.

This holder can be used in the kitchen, garage, or office to hold tools and kitchen utensils. The best part is that the package includes 6 additional stainless steel hooks for other kitchen utensils, cutlery and gadgets, saving you even more counter space. The hooks are removable and can adjust to slide in whatever position that you want them to be.


  • Saves counter space
  • Comes with hooks for storing non-magnetic items


  • Some clients found the anchor bolts to be too thin and of poor quality

6. Premium bamboo 15 inch magnetic strip

The Premium Bamboo Magnetic Strip is one of the best magnetic knife holders for tool shops, garages, and laundry rooms.

This strip accents six concealed magnetic locations that safely and securely attach metallic knives, scissors, utensils, screwdrivers, or any other cutlery, tools, and gadgets.

With the included installation hardware, you can simply and securely attach this strip to your wall, with ease. The laser-inscribed Frederica Trading brand logo on its bottom right corner provides both functionality and aesthetics to your bar or kitchen area.

The Premium Bamboo 15 Inch Magnetic Strip is fully LFGB certified, so you are assured of food safety and security.


  • Six separate magnets for even spacing of the knives
  • Great space saver
  • Comes with simple mounting instructions and installation hardware


  • The magnet is not continuous

7. Hampton Forge Magnetic Knife Holder 

By affixing the Hampton Forge Magnetic Knife Bar to a wall or cabinet, you will have a safe and convenient storage space for your cutlery and any other steel gadgets.  This powerful magnetic strip will help you organize your cutlery and find the exact one at the very first shot.

Strong on design and strength, the Hampton Forge 14-inch Magnetic Knife Holder is crafted in exceptional stainless steel to make it stand up elegantly to daily use. All mounting hardware and instruction are included in the package.


  • Great space saver
  • Crafted in stainless steel finish for easy cleaning


  • A little bit difficult to install

8. Chicago Cutlery 14 Inch Magnetic Knife Strip

Chicago Cutlery understands the need for safe and proper knife storage. Their 14 inch magnetic knife strip can be mounted to any wall, whether close to the oven or on to a built-in cutting board.

Your knives will be visible and separated, and you will no longer fumble for a particular blade. The magnet is powerful enough to hold your cutlery and other metallic kitchen utensils, such as spatulas, ladles, whisks, and stirring spoons securely in place.

To give you peace of mind while shopping, Chicago Cutlery provides a lifetime guarantee for workmanship and all defective parts. All mounting hardware is also included in the package to allow easy installation.


  • Continuous magnet allow you to space knives whichever way you choose
  • Very strong and secure


  • No mounting instructions

9. Premium 17 Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Holder

Wondering how to store knives in a way that is safe and secure? The Premium 17 Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Holder comes with an UPGRADED 17’’ stainless steel bar with Heavy-Duty magnets that will hold your heaviest or smallest knives in place without losing their magnetic force.

What’s more, the knives will be held firmly, without any slipping or shifting. The bar is fully magnetic so you will use the entire 17-inch length.

Store your bread knives, butcher knives, chef’s knives, cleavers, and any other knife that you may have. Though very powerful, it only takes a slight tug to release any knife from this bar.


  • Sleek design to add an elegant look to your kitchen
  • Made of stainless steel for easy cleaning


  • None

10. Gloriest 16 Inch Magnetic Holder

Free up counter space and showcase your cutlery beautifully with the Gloriest 16 Inch Magnetic Holder

There will be no more clutter on your counter top, no more jumbled drawer, and more importantly, this holder will provide a safer way of finding your cutlery than sliding your hand in a messy drawer.

With its powerful magnet, this stainless steel kitchen knife holder promises to hold even the largest knives without losing its magnet. It holds sturdily and securely, but releases easily when needed.

The multi-functional holder can be used to hold cutlery, kitchen utensils, tools, scissors, keys, kids’ toys, and many other things. 

What’s more, installing this knife bar is a breeze- simply peel and stick! It is self-adhesive so, no need for screws and this makes it perfect for tile surfaces.


  • Comes with a 30-day money back guarantee from Gloriest and 18-month warranty
  • Easy installation
  • Strong magnet


  • None

11. WoodSom Powerful magnetic knife strip

The WoodSom Powerful magnetic knife strip works as great as it looks. This knife strip saves counter space and preserves your knives- no need for a knife block anymore.

It comes with solid mounting holes beautifully finished, to hold it firmly to a cabinet or wall. The company also provides a mounting kit for mounting onto cabinetry or drywall.

The Powerful magnetic knife strip features continuous magnet- there are no ‘dead’ zones, so you are able to use the entire strip. Its beautiful design makes it an excellent gift idea.


  • Made of wood so wont scratch knives
  • Finished with food-safe oil


  • Tends to discolor if a wet knife is put on it

12. Josef Strauss stainless steel magnetic knife holder

Keep your cutlery safe and within reach as you prepare your favorite meals with this handy 13-inch stainless steel knife holder from Jose Strauss. This sturdy magnetic knife holder mounts on the wall, leaving you with a lot of counter space for other uses.

Store the whole cutlery collection, including kitchen knives and shears; they will be secure and out of reach of children. Its stainless steel construction, coupled with a sleek design will surely compliment your kitchen décor.


  • Sleek design to complement your kitchen decor


  • Likely to rust if left outside

 13. Zenware 17 inch aluminum magnetic knife block

The Zenware 17 inch aluminum magnetic knife block is perfect for those looking for a more sanitary option to storing their knife sets.

This nifty, elegant piece of art has a simple, yet smart design that is not only functional but aesthetic as well. Its powerful magnet holds cutlery firmly, but releases them with a simple twist.

Mounting is dead easy, with installation screws and brackets included for your convenience.

This knife block is also perfect for storing other metal tools in the garage or workshop. Its stylish and sleek design is sure to complement your existing kitchen style. The Zenware 30-day money back guarantee gives you peace of mind when shopping for this product.


  • Compact design
  • Ultra strong magnet
  • Stylish and sleek


  • Magnet weakens over time

14. M.O.C. Woodworks Walnut 12 Inch Wood Magnetic Knife Holder

The M.O.C Woodworks Magnetic Knife Holder comes with a continuous magnet with no dead spots and will hold any object with metal that is magnetic.

It is an ideal storage alternative for the kitchen, garage, bathroom, or entry. This holder is designed to provide an elegant and clean look with no signs of screws or logos once installed.

The hand smeared clear finish used on this holder is food-safe and non-toxic. It is made in the USA and comes with mounting hardware for easy installation on cabinets and dry wall.

The M.O.C Woodworks Magnetic Knife Holder is excellent for storing knives and poultry sheers, office supplies such as scissors and hole punches, eyelash curlers, nail clippers, and any other item that is ferromagnetic.


  • Continuous magnetic field
  • Made from furniture-grade walnut wood
  • Made in the US


  • Too short and can only hold 4 knives comfortably

15. HOMEMAXS 16 Inch Magnetic Knife Holder

Keep your kitchen organized and danger-free by purchasing the HOMEMAXS 16 Inch Magnetic Knife Holder.

This sleek and modern, space-saving knife rack gives you 16-inch usable wall space to mount your expensive, sharp kitchen knives and other items, and get them off of the drawer or counter.

Made from 201 stainless steel material, this knife rack features a strong neodymium magnet that will hold your knives and other tools securely, but release them easily when needed.

The HOMEMAXS 16 Inch Magnetic Knife Holder comes with mounting instructions and screws to make installation easy and quick.

The one-year-money-back guarantee from Homemax makes it a risk-free purchase. The company promises to refund your purchase price if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase.


  • Powerful magnet
  • Multipurpose
  • Full money-back-guarantee


  • None

Several methods on how to store kitchen knives exist on the market today. You can choose to store them in a drawer dock, under a cabinet, hang them on the wall using a magnetic strip, or store them on a counter top in a dock or block.

While each method comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, the bottom-line is to go for something that will keep your kitchen safe, keep your cutlery within reach, and remove clutter.


  • I was looking for a good kitchen knife holder since my old one has worn out and l need to replace it quickly as the magnetic strip is not having enough strength and sometimes heavier knives fall of creating huge noise sometimes during late at night waking us up suddenly! LOL. I found the Eco Kitchen 18 Inch Magnetic Knife Holder as the best one. The 6 additional hooks they provide seems to clinch the deal for me. 


    • Now you have the options for the one that suits your need. Thanks for the comment.

  • That’s a good idea, Martin! To have a magnetic kitchen knifes holder. That certainly prevent you from cutting yourself fetching the cutlery from the drawer. I like it much more than the knife block. A magnetic stripe is easier to keep clean. Very nice to know I can purchase them in Woodworks Walnut material. I am not a big fan of stainless steal look.


    • Too painful to get injured while preparing meals for your loved ones or yours it kill the appetite so bad. I would not like to imagine that. Thanks to innovativeness of how to store these the cutlery in a different form and making them safe.

  • When I saw “Safe kitchen knife holders,” I got excited! The joy it would bring to not have knives thrown downing and giving me a bit of discomfort at times. Yes, thanks for researching and writing this article. I noted a few things though. I am not sure the Ouddy bar would be suitable for nosy little ones who will climb to reach them because you stated that they release easily. That in my opinion is both good and bad, but I would definitely purchase if I have older teenagers who understand the dangers of using a knife. It is a must in a adult only home. I also appreciate that the knives are in my view at all times, so they would be easy to reach. Do you know if the magnetic strip is strong enough to withstand knives being pulled by tiny, but, persistent and curious little ones?

    The stainless steel knife bar sounds like a winner in the bar category. Yes, it needs to be heavy to hold the large knives and all the other things it was designed for. I absolutely love that it is stylish and hopefully will blend into my decor and not make my kitchen looks like part of a classroom.

    Do you have a picture of the Zenware knife block?

    Thanks for all this wonderful information. I am seeing some gift ideas for Christmas.

    • Thanks for the comment Crawford. I did research and the only safe way is to make sure kids do not reach out to access these knives keep them far away to a point they can not be reached easily. Thanks for the question I will have to insert a picture for Zenware knife block.


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