About Me

Hello, my name is Martin  and am the founder of www.safetychecksguide.com.

For more than 10 years have been working in the field of Engineering namely Power electronics, High Voltage, and Medium Voltage as well as practicing safety in my daily work programs.

Although my engineering experience is very rich, my true passion lies with safety.

This website currently centers around providing insight on today’s ever-growing safety culture, with posts and videos regarding the latest safety trends.

My Website Support

First of all, I don’t have any familiarity when it comes to website building or designing, but I’m computer literate.

All that I have so far accomplished is because of the Wealthy Affiliate lessons, webinar and most of all the support from this community.

All these helped me to get my website the far it is, am yet to learn more from them.

So, far so good! I still need to learn more.

For now am at the basic level.

My website has been built through Wealth Affiliate program. As I said earlier am not a computer guru but the training have acquired from this community is awesome to achieve this far.

What Wealth Affiliate Says

Wealthy Affiliate program recommends a simple idea. Your Passion → Build your Website → Publish Your Content → Get Rankings from Search Engines and Get Traffic.

What Have Learnt At Wealth Affiliate Community

Now being a Premium member and one of the WA community or family have learnt the following:

  • Choosing a domain for my website.
  • Understanding the importance of niche.
  • How to use the external link and internal link.
  • Using the WordPress platform.
  • How to set up my website.
  • How to select a theme for my website.
  • Keyword search Guide.

My WordPress Journey: How WordPress Changed my Life

By always browsing and reading through the internet, I started learning about other ways of earning online though am yet to make good money.

And that is how I developed the need to own a website . Well, I always thought that sites are only built by the computer gurus.

My First Blog In Less Than 20 Minutes With Wealthy Affiliate

You know the ones that lock themselves in a room the entire day just to think. But I was wrong! You don’t need an IT background to build a site.  I developed my first blog in less than 20 minutes by following step by step  on wealthy affiliate  training and they also helped host my blog .

I thought it was time to sit back and starting getting the dollars but, I was wrong. It was tough; I needed to learn about SEO and develop a lot of dedication.

Then I came to learn more about WordPress from wealthy affiliate community  and other online friends, and that is how my life changed for the better!

 Wealthy Affiliate Communities

Registering and joining Wealthy Affiliate community helped me a great deal.

I got to learn so much about WordPress development with Wealthy Affiliate and was always impressed with the way my questions were answered.

I also learned how to better design a site and the pros and cons of different features. I also got to know the various alternatives to doing stuff.

Wealthy Affiliate just made my life easy in website building! It has just been 4 months since I started building this website.

With my continuous contributions, I intend to help those who wish to get started on building an online business using WordPress for free if you are interested.

My Spirit.

My Spirit I Keep learning, I keep trying, and I Never give up.I Love trying  new things, testing new things out, never afraid to go out of my comfort zone, it has led me to awesome places.



  • Hi, Martin.

    You have an amazing website setup. It’s very informative especially on things that matter the most like safety. Your posts are very interesting as well. I can’t think of a place or site where I can find all this information about safety anywhere else. Keep up the great content. I hope you all the best.

    • Thanks so much Roweida
      Am on my way to more content and updates about safety this is my field of specialty and
      am here to share with you all that makes us have a safe working environment.
      You are welcome

  • Good evening Martin,

    One would not think so but when you compare our modern world with the world some 100 years ago one would think we live a lot safer. Modern life has made it safer on certain things but then again a lot of unknown factors have been introduced we might not be aware of. Your website points to things one might not think about and that makes it so valuable. Keep up the good work and inform of any new dangers.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Thanks. Safety is a daily thing we need to watch what we do and act sobery any assumption may lead to great loss. Being a safety person I try to explain the importance of working safe. Thanks for the comment

  • Hi Martin, I can see that you are very passionate about work safety. The site is informative and provides lots of basic essential SOP that many tend to overlook. Great work and keep expanding on it. In turn of post layout, there are too many white spaces between paragraphs. Edit your posts and reformat the paragraph spacing so that they don’t look so empty. Keep up the great work on saving lives with your website.

    Kelsey Lim

    • Hi Lim
      Thanks for the comment and taking time to read my website content. Am very passionate about safety and a safety personnel. WRT my website content design am going to edit it. Am still learning a lot with WA. I couldn’t believe I can have such a site currently am on break to think what to write.
      Cheers for the kind works.

  • Hi Martin, your site on safety is very informative and interesting. I can feel your passion for safety and safety is a topic that concerns everyone nowadays.Continue to keep us inform on safety.

    • Thanks for the comment I love safety as a profession. Currently, am working on my site content then I find how I will add more links, then I monetize it.
      How are you doing with your site of late?

  • Martin,

    Its been very informative reading your safety guides. Keep it up Bro.

    • Thanks for the reply. Still working on it and adding more content.I love the safety and that my passion.

  • Hi Martin,
    I really like what I have been reading from your safety guides. It’s very informative and it will help everyone to understand the safety hazards and how to prevent them from happening. This will safe a life. Am looking forward to reading more from your safety guides. Great job Martin!

    • Thanks Evans
      For the comments, I have realized all the life losses and accidents are preventable if we realize what the root cause of them. As a safety professional, I face it hard to explain my team importance of safety but few take it seriously.


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