Month: July 2017

Emergency Eye Wash in the Work Place

Emergency Eye Wash in the Work Place Workers who get exposed to caustic chemicals at their various work stations need to take the issues of safety seriously. In case of chemicals splashed into the eyes accidentally they can cause permanent vision damage or other serious consequences like complete vision loss. Therefore, having an eye wash

How to Use Bike Safety in Roads

Bike safety All road users including cyclists need to respect each other in order to enhance safe transportation. Bicycles have the same rights and responsibilities as the motorized vehicles, and thus have to respect the traffic rules. Research conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has indicated that most of the cyclist-related accidents are

A guide to confined space entry

Confined Space Hazards and Control Measures Confined spaces are places which are partially or completely enclosed and pose potential dangers that can cause serious injuries or death from the available hazardous substances or other dangerous conditions like lack of enough oxygen. Most of the injuries or deaths that occur in confined spaces are when workers

15 Best Workplace Safety Management Softwares

15 Best Workplace Safety Management Software Reviews Health and safety management is a fundamental right for every worker at his or her respective workplace. Here are some reviews of credible workplace safety management software that have enabled organizations to save lives, money on claims and nurture a safety culture in workplace environments.  FATFINGER The software
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