Month: June 2017

Guide To Water Safety Rules

Water Safety Rules It is tragic to note that most adults with autism and children are prone to drowning accidents that happen in residential and public places. The reason behind it is that people in that spectrum are often drawn to water. Regardless of the amount of water, once a child gets under water unmonitored

Accredited Safety Certifications Bodies and Internationally Recognised Safety Exam

Safety Certifications Bodies and Internationally Recognized Safety Exam Any workplace is a potentially dangerous environment for employees and visitors alike. Employers have the responsibility to educate their employees on health and safety risks as well as take the necessary steps to control or eliminate these risks before an accident happens. The success of an organization is

Anatomy of Fall

Anatomy of Fall Fall protection is a very critical topic in the field of people who deal with occupational safety. There are several websites, webinars, blogs, newspapers, social media pages or groups and established companies that are dedicated to addressing the issue of fall protection. Although some of these topics about fall protection in some

How to Maintain your Kitchen Electrical Appliances

How to Maintain your Kitchen Electrical Appliances Arranging your kitchen properly and maintaining your electrical kitchen appliances say a lot about the type of cook you’re. Kitchen appliances that are always thoroughly cleaned and well-maintained can function optimally and last longer. It’s also prudent to declutter and organize your kitchenware in groups of most used,

Guide to Workplace Safety Inspection

Guide to Workplace Safety Inspection. Workplace inspections are walk through on all or certain selected workplace areas and locations of a particular workplace. These walkthroughs are meant to examine various materials, equipment, products, and processes to ensure potential hazards such as illnesses and injuries are eliminated from the workplace environment. The scheduled inspections are necessary
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