Month: April 2017

A Guide For Hands Tools

A Guide for Hands Tools These are tools powered by hand instead of an engine. Hand tools are less dangerous when compared to power tools. Humans have used hand tools since Stone Age, at the time when stones were used to cut or to hammer. Since them, many tools were developed and improved to suit

Ways of Ensuring Foot Protection Safety in the Workplace

Ways of Ensuring Foot Protection Safety in the Workplace. Workplace hazards happen every time with employees facing injuries from different potential risks. Approximately 5% of the injuries that occur in the workplace are foot related causing about nine days of absence from work. Some of the possible foot hazards in the workplace include rolling objects,

Common Kitchen Safety Hazards

Common Kitchen Safety Hazards and How to Avoid Them. The kitchen is a crucial part of every home. It is every home’s beating heart. Families gather up in the kitchen to reconnect with one another after a hard day’s work, share scrumptious meals or exchange recipes while they catch up on the events of the

Face Mask Respirators.

What Kind of Protection do Respirators offer? A respirator is a gear that protects people from inhaling dangerous substances such as infectious particles and chemicals like silica. Respirators are protective equipment one can use when working in a hazardous environment or handling hazardous materials They can either be half mask respirators or full face mask
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