Month: February 2017

Cell Phones and Accidents

Cell Phones and Accidents You will agree that inappropriate use of cell phones especially while driving is dangerous. Cell phone accidents have been known to be the cause of over a quarter of the car crashes in the world.  Phones And Steering Don’t Mix Over the years the National Transportation Safety Board has been researching

Near Misses Workplace

About near misses In today’s workplace, companies cannot afford to ignore near misses. The study shows that for every injury or accident at a workplace there are usually about 189 near miss reports. Near misses offer a great opportunity for identifying vulnerabilities at the place of work. A near miss can be defined as an

Silica Dust Hazards

Silica  Hazards Workplaces containing breathable silica hazards pose a huge health risk to its workers. It is important for companies to conduct silica dust training on workers so as to equip them with knowledge about silica dust safety measures. Some of the health risks that come from exposure to silica dust hazards include silicosis, lung

Water Safety

Water safety Let’s start with some water safety facts; did you know that in the United States drowning is the fifth leading cause of injury death? Yes, it is frightening to even think about it but it is true that about ten people become victims of unintentional drowning every day. This just proves that although

Bathroom Safety Tips

Bathroom Safety Tips Home is generally a place for the people to relax, it’s considered as a safe place for all of us. However one of the most common places for fatal home accidents and incidents in our homes is in the bathrooms. Therefore bathroom safety should be a big concern for homeowners and their
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